Remodeling & Demolition - Asbestos!

With Asbestos - Stay 3 Steps Ahead!

Getting it right may save considerable time and money - not to mention keep your home safe. Before beginning any home remodeling or demolition project:

  1. Keep you and your project safe! - Go to Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and learn about asbestos inspection requirements, risks, and what you need to do before the project starts.
  2. Hire a qualified asbestos removal contractor (PDF).
  3. Avoid rejected loads, extra fees, and headaches. Properly prepare for renovation and demolition debris by contacting your hauler or transfer station on how to prepare demolition debris before you start making it.

Disposal & Sanitary Services

Asbestos Information

Your home may contain asbestos in the walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, siding, HVAC systems, insulation, pipes and more - especially if your home was built prior to 2004. Unfortunately, asbestos cannot be identified by just looking at it.

When asbestos-containing material is disturbed or improperly handled, tiny hazardous fibers are released into the air creating a risk for lung cancer and other illnesses. That is why it is so important for homeowners to identify asbestos hazards before beginning any demolition or remodeling projects. A qualified professional inspector needs to conduct a survey of possible asbestos-containing materials prior to the project's start.

DEQ has excellent web page for renovation, demolition, and inspecting the risks of asbestos in your home.

Because of the risks of asbestos, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) also has specific rules regarding the handling and disposal of remodeling and demolition waste. Please call your hauler or transfer station in advance to ensure your loads are safe and to complete any required forms.


Self Hauling Asbestos?

DEQ has a full list of Disposal Sites in Oregon (PDF).

See some locations near Lincoln County - Special handling and fees may apply.