RiverLocated on the Central Oregon Coast, Lincoln County has scenic towns and beautiful forests surrounded by rivers and bordered by the Pacific Ocean. Lincoln County maintains 13 parks, including campgrounds and waysides.

Most parks and campgrounds are located in the eastern, in-land areas of the County, with Waysides providing public access to the beach. Parks range in size from small boat launch/picnic areas to overnight camping and day-use facilities.

Single use camping sites are at Moonshine Park, Jack Morgan Park, Elk City Park and Brown Memorial Park. All campsites will be on a first come basis. We do not take reservations for these sites.

Check in / Check out

For all campgrounds, check-in is a self-service process, cash or check (credit card at Moonshine). Campers will select their own site, fill out an envelope, insert payment and drop in payment box. The top portion of the envelope is placed in the windshield of the registered vehicle, where it can be seen by park staff. There is no paperwork for check out.

Park Staff & Volunteers

Lincoln County Parks are maintained through the Public Works Department and have one Operations Supervisor and two full time maintenance staff. Volunteer Camp Hosts are at Jack Morgan and Elk City Parks and Lindley Park during the summer season. Moonshine Park has an on-site caretaker year-round.

Questions? Please contact us.