Short Term Rental Licensing

Adopted Ordinance

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners adopted Ordinance Number 487, Number 490, Number 509, and Number 523 to establish conditions for the operation of short term rentals of dwelling units located within the unincorporated areas of Lincoln County and to implement a licensing program to ensure compliance with those standards. The conditions established will allow the operation of such rentals in a manner that respects and protects the livability of the neighborhoods in which these rentals are located. A copy of the ordinances and Lincoln County Code 4.405 through 4.460 are available. 

 "Each owner shall be required to obtain an Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) authorized Existing System Evaluation Report (ESER) from a qualified professional who shall evaluate the condition of the system prior to licensing of the STR. Included in the report must be information to allow a calculation of the number of allowed bedrooms based on the capacity of the system as it exists. The report shall be supplied to and reviewed by Lincoln County's Onsite Waste Management Division of the Department of Planning and Development (Onsite Waste Division). Final determination of the capacity and suitability of the septic system from the report shall be made by the Onsite Waste Division upon review of the report. The Onsite Waste Division will share its determination with the Lincoln County Licensing Authority. An ESER meeting these standards and conducted within three years of the date of the license application or renewal may be submitted to comply with this requirement."

Program Fees

  • $350.00 Origination Fee
  • $175.00 Annual Maintenance Fee

We accept cash, check and credit card (in person). Checks payable to Lincoln County.

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