Planning & Development


The Department of Planning and Development is responsible for the administration of land use planning, building inspection, on-site sewage disposal, and related land development regulatory programs in the unincorporated county.

Planning Division administers and maintains the county's locally adopted comprehensive land use plan and land use code (Lincoln County Code, Chapter 1) (PDF). Basic functions include reviewing various types of land use and development applications ("current planning"), and the update and revision of the comprehensive plan and land use code ("long-range planning").

Building Division administers the county's building permit and inspection program. This function involves the review of construction plans, the issuance of permits, and the field inspection of work in progress for compliance with state construction specialty codes, including structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical. This program operates through a local "delegation of authority" from the state Building Codes Division.

On-Site Waste Management Division administers the Department of Environmental Quality regulations governing the siting, installation, and repair of on-site sewage disposal systems. The county administers this program as a contract agent of the Department of Environmental Quality through an intergovernmental agreement.

For research, please complete a Research Request Form (PDF) and return via email or leave it in the dropbox outside our building entrance (we also have paper copies available in our office). We will complete it at our earliest convenience, it may take up to two weeks. We charge for research - see form for charges.

For additional requirements or questions: please call us at 541-265-4192


  • February 2021: Updated Plot Plan Requirements has been uploaded under "Supporting Documents".
  • January 2021: Eligibility for Fema Assistance for Echo Mountain Fire Survivors to Repair or Replace Septic Systems has been uploaded under "Supporting Documents".
  • December 2020: Lincoln County School District Application for Construction Excise Tax Temporary Natural Disaster Exclusion has been uploaded under "Supporting Documents." Please fill out the form as much as possible and then send to the Lincoln County School District for approval.
  • November 2020: Lincoln County permit fees waived for echo mountain fire victims retroactive to September 8, 2020. Lincoln County cannot waive fees that are not specifically for Lincoln County. These fees include Lincoln County school district's construction excise tax or DEQ surcharge for septic permits. The resolution is under "supporting documents". Please call or email us. For additional information, including arranging refunds for previously issued permits (again, after September 8th).
  • October 2020: Septic System Faqs, Rv and Septic Information, Lincoln County Post Fire Septic Information under "Supporting Documents".