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Measure 21-135: Business License Tax on Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealers


Should there be a three cents per gallon tax on motor vehicle fuel sold or distributed in Lincoln City?


Ordinance 2009-13 requires all dealers of motor vehicle fuel in the city to pay a business license tax starting July 1, 2010. Dealers will pay three cents per gallon on all motor vehicle fuel they sell or distribute. Fuel used by the Armed Forces and fuel not used on public streets is exempt. It is anticipated most dealers will pass on the charge to customers, which will distribute the burden of road maintenance beyond Lincoln City residents to other users of city streets including non-residents and visitors. The anticipated revenues will help offset expected reductions in funding sources, although the city will still need to find other sources of funds such as grants to adequately maintain streets at an estimated cost of $450,000 per year. The ordinance requires all net revenues to be used only for street construction, repair, and maintenance.

Result of "Yes" Vote

The "Yes" vote approves the dealers' business license tax of three cents per gallon of fuel.

Result of "No" Vote

The "No" vote rejects the dealer's business license tax of three cents per gallon of fuel.