Full List of Candidates & Measures


United States Senator

Name & PropertyMailing AddressPhone Numbers
William Bryk
578 74th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209
Work Phone: 347-497-5972
Email William Bryk
Mark Callahan 
P.O. Box 4352
Salem, OR 97302
Cell Phone: 541-953-1900
Email Mark Callahan
Jason Conger 
P.O. Box 2058
Bend, OR 97709
Work Phone: 541-383-5857
Email Jason Conger 
Timothy I Crawley 
5215 SE Pardee Street
Portland, OR 97206
Work Phone: 503-953-6858
Email Timothy I Crawley
Pavel Goberman 
P.O. Box 990
Beaverton, OR 97075
Work Phone: 503-643-8348
Email Pavel Goberman
Jeff Merkley 
1351 SE 114th Avenue
Portland, OR 97216
Work Phone: 503-200-5518
Email Jeff Merkley
Jo Rae Perkins 
1033 Maple Street SW
Albany, OR 97321
Cell Phone: 541-979-5539
Email Jo Rae Perkins
Monica Wehby 
P.O. Box 3375
Portland, OR 97208
Work Phone: 503-327-8957
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U.S. Representative in Congress - 5th District

Name & PartyMailing AddressPhone Numbers
Anita Brown 
4863 Nina Avenue SE
Salem, OR 97302
Home Phone: 714-331-3463
Email Anita Brown
Ben Pollock 
1109 SW 1st Avenue, Suite F
Canby, OR 97013
Work Phone: 971-267-7947
Email Ben Pollock
Kurt Schrader 
P.O. Box 3314
Oregon City, OR 97045
Work Phone: 503-723-6174
Email Kurt Schrader
Tootie Smith 
P.O. Box 226
Molalla, OR 97038
Cell Phone: 503-949-5667
Email Tootie Smith

County Measures

City of Yachats

Referred to the voters by the Yachats City Council. City Purchase of Real Property to Serve Visitors and Citizens.


Should the city purchase real property for parking total cost not to exceed $400,000?


This measure was referred to the voters by the Yachats City Council. The City Charter requires voter approval for the purchase of real property.

During heavy visitation, parking in the core area of town is inadequate. Shop owners, visitors, and citizens are inconvenienced and commerce is limited.

If this measure passes, the City would identify willing sellers of properties in the core area of town for the purpose of providing additional parking to better address the need. This measure authorizes the City to expend up to $400,000 for the described properties. The funds will come from hotel room taxes in the Visitor Amenities Fund and or other existing reserves. Properties will be identified by an assessment of those available to meet the need and purchased at no more than fair market value when approved and prioritized through normal budget processes.