Youth TIDES Shelter

Line of children in silhouette jointly holding upraised hands

Front of a house focusing on the doorThe Lincon County Youth Tides program provides prevention, emergency shelter and transitional living services for youth ages 12 - 20 years old. We serve all Lincoln County youth who are at-risk for or are experiencing homelessness and/or need support for success at home or school.

We work toward reunification with family or supportive adults and/or a path to independent or transitional living.

Our prevention services include screenings, education, assessments and connection to outpatient treatment services for youth at-risk for or experiencing homelessness, family conflict, runaway behavior, suicidal ideation or self-harm, sexual exploitation, mental health disorders and substance use or addiction.

Our shelter and transitional living program is located in Newport, Oregon near Nye Beach, and offers a positive, respectful and inclusive co-ed home environment for up to 12 youth.

The guiding philosophy of Youth Tides is based on the principles of Positive Youth Development which focuses on youth strengths and positive outcomes, self-advocacy and engagement by youth.  Youth collaborate with Tides team members. gaining connections to the community and supportive peers or adults while they have sustainable long-term support and housing as they transition into adulthood.