The Lincoln County Juvenile Department, pursuant to Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Chapter 419, exists to provide for the initial and primary integration of all matters involving persons from birth through age 17 alleged to be within the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court for acts, which, if done by an adult, would constitute a violation of federal, state or local law, or are in need of Juvenile Court intervention.


The Department is a county agency that provides service to the Court and community. The Department subscribes to a balanced approach to juvenile justice that emphasizes:

  • Community Protection
  • Holding Youth accountable for their actions
  • Competency development to prevent further penetration into the juvenile justice and adult system

Services Provided by the Department

  • Community Service Program
  • Community Supervision
  • Investigations
  • Juvenile Detention and Shelter Care
  • Offender treatment services
  • Referral to case-appropriate service providers
  • Restitution
  • Screening and referral

Community Cooperation

The Lincoln County Juvenile Department interfaces with all law enforcement agencies in Lincoln County, as well as:

The Juvenile Department participates in various community committees and councils: