Performing Physical Inspections & Reassessments


Please note: Lincoln County Assessor's Office staff will be performing a physical inspection and reassessment of the Echo Mountain burn area beginning Monday, October 12th.

A team of county appraisers will be driving the area in county-marked vehicles and carrying Assessor's Office identification. The purpose of this reassessment is to take a full and accurate inventory of damaged property and to make necessary adjustments to property values to be reflected in the 2021 assessment records.

In addition, the County Assessor and Tax Collector would like to remind property owners that are victims of fire-damaged property to contact their offices. Value adjustments due to property damage may result in potential property tax adjustments for 2020, but each property owner must complete an application in order to initiate the process.

Please contact the Assessor's Office for questions about damaged property reassessments and the Tax Collector's Office for questions about the property tax proration process.

Assessor's Office
Phone: 541-265-4102
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Tax Collector's Office
Phone: 541-265-4139
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