2021 - 2022 Community and Economic Development Grant

Overview 2021 - 2022 Grant Cycle

A total of $130,000 is currently available in this fund for the 2021-22 grant cycle. 

$60,000 of the total monies will be awarded to a single project aimed at Broadband, Childcare, and/or Housing. 

The remainder of the fund ($70,000) will be allocated to smaller projects, specifically those who illustrate project sustainability and leveraging of funds.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, November 3, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. 

Applicants will indicate on the online application which type of project they are submitting (large single project or smaller traditional project).

Applications are accepted from local governments and nonprofit organizations recognized by the IRS as nonprofit organizations in Lincoln County. An applicant can submit only one application each year. An applicant can only be awarded a grant every other year (to maximize applicant and project diversity).

The Board of Commissioners continues to focus on economic development and the County seeks to allocate the funds to economic development projects, with a focus on job creation and/or retention, and to community development. The Board of Directors of the Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County will review (in December 2021) and make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners regarding funding requests. The Board of Commissioners will make the final determination on awards (at 12/22/21 BoC meeting).

The Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County (EDALC) will host and facilitate a virtual (via Zoom) grant review and Q&A program in October for the benefit of potential applicants.

For the Large Single Project Applications Emphasis will be placed on projects that have the highest potential for short-term local impact during and immediately following the grant period. The emphasis will be focused on one-time spending to move the ball forward in the indicated project area. Specific deliverables must be outlined in the application as well as the key performance indicators that will demonstrate the measurable impacts achieved because of the project.

Broadband: Projects in this category will demonstrate a measurable impact in the access or affordability of broadband in Lincoln County, specifically as it applies to utilizing broadband to create or retain local jobs. They will demonstrate an awareness of the work of the regional  Broadband Action Team and align projects with that work, with a focus on Lincoln County. Successful projects will allow more Lincoln County residents to utilize broadband internet access (note: the FCC defines broadband as a download speed of 25 megabits per second and an upload speed of 3 Mb/s). Since priority is given to longer term impacts as a result of this onetime grant, increased access should not be created by a short term subsidy of access costs, but rather infrastructure or equipment improvement (network or individual access devices).

Childcare: Projects in this category will demonstrate a measurable impact by an increased number of childcare slots available for Lincoln County working parents. This could be the creation of additional childcare facilities (both location-based and home-based) or improved pathways into childcare careers (thereby increasing the number of childcare facilities or home childcare providers).

Housing: Projects in this category will demonstrate a measurable positive impact on housing for working Lincoln County families or individuals by creating a measurable increase in housing units within Lincoln County. These units could be stand alone, multi-family, mixed use or reactivating and improving unused upper floor units. All units must comply with local zoning ordinances and must receive valid occupancy permits within the timeline of the project.

Larger project applications will be reviewed and scored by the Board of Directors of EDALC as well as being reviewed by an external Subject Matter Expert (SME). Those additional SME scores will be compiled into the larger scoring rubric.

2021 -2022 Lincoln County Community Economic Development Fund Grant Awards

    Company Project Amount
1 Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Waldport Fiber Project - Boradband $60,000
2 City of Waldport Food Cart Project (Phase 1) $7,400
3 Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon Second Home $10,000
4 Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce Website and Google My Business Creation for small Business $13,200
5 Lincoln City Parks and Recreation Improving pathways into childcare careers; Junior Child Care Leader Program $14,499
6 Oregon Coast Aquarium Electric Vehicle Charging Station $12,525
7 Oregon Coast Council for the Arts Arts and Economic Prosperity Study for Lincoln County $7,000
8 View the Future Portals to Bridging Cultures and Healing Hearts $5,376
      Lincoln County Order
TOTAL: $130,000