Interim Board Appointment - Central Oregon Coast Fire District Board

The Board of Commissioners are accepting applications for the Central Oregon Coast Fire District Interim Board Member. Because the Board will be without a working quorum to conduct business as of 5 pm. June 29th, the county will appoint one member to the District Board. It will then be the task of the board to make appointments to fill the remaining vacancies.

This application must be filled out and submitted by Tuesday through June 28th at 12 pm

All applicants who may have previously provided letters of interest, emails or other correspondence to the County or the Central Oregon Coast Fire District in regard to serving as an interim board member must complete the provided application (in supporting documents below).

This appointment term will end on June 30, 2023 (County Clerk Dana Jenkins)
Per ORS 478.050, "A director of a (Rural Fire Protection) district shall be an elector or an owner within the district."

Applications should be emailed or delivered in person to:

Attn: Casey Miller
Board of Commissioners
225 W Olive Street 
Room Number 108
Newport, OR 97365

County Commissioners will meet Thursday June 30th (9 am) to make their final determination in regard to this interim appointment: