Yachats Bridge

Yachats BridgeThis bridge is located on the North Fork of the Yachats River. The Yachats Bridge is one of the shortest bridges in Oregon measuring at forty-two feet in length.

The Yachats Bridge, although open to vehicular traffic, is closed to large vehicles (RVs, large trucks, etc.) The weight limit for this bridge is eight tons. The bridge is surrounded by private property with no, or little, turnaround.

About Yachats Bridge

  • It was built in 1938, by Otis Hamer. This was Otis' last bridge to construct.
  • The timber construction of this bridge is of Queenpost Truss style.
  • The flared sides of the bridge result from the buttresses underneath the siding.
  • The ribbon openings under the roofline allow light to enter the inside, at the center of the bridge.


Lincoln County and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) have signed an Interdepartmental Agreement for rehabilitation of the Yachats Covered Bridge. Although work on the bridge will not begin immediately, plans include replacement of key components, new siding, rail and a paint.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $665,000 with funding from the National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program covering all but 10% of the cost of the rehabilitation.

This will be the second rehabilitation project for this bridge. On December 16th, 1989 the restored Yachats Bridge was rededicated to Lincoln County by the president of The Covered Bridge Society of Oregon and Lincoln County Commissioners. The bridge was rebuilt by Two G's Construction Company, with updated construction techniques and adding concrete piers, footings, and zinc strips to the roof to prevent moss growth.

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