Rules & Information

Passenger BusBus Passenger Rules and Information

Passenger Assistance: Driver may leave the bus to provide minimal passenger assistance in boarding and exiting the bus.

Off-Route Stops:

  • All off-route stops must be scheduled through the dispatcher.
  • Drivers can refuse a stop if they feel the stop is unsafe or could cause damage to the bus.

Flag stops: you may flag down the bus IF you are in a safe spot, which includes space to get the bus completely off the roadway. If there is not a safe area where you are standing, the driver will stop at the closest spot where there is.

On call stops: you must call the office to schedule the bus to pick you up at an on-call stop. You also need to let the driver know you want off at on-call stop.

All Passengers Must Pay A Fare Or Present A Ride Coupon Upon Boarding The Bus

Children five and under and Seniors 90+ ride for FREE

Riding the Bus is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3:

  • If you have questions, call Lincoln County Transit at 265-4900...
    to schedule your trip or to receive more information. We will identify the most convenient bus stop for you.
  • Carry your coupons or the correct fare.
    Drivers cannot make change for you. Fares are low and you can save even more by purchasing ride coupon books at the Lincoln County Transit Office, 410 NE Harney, Newport or through the bus driver.
  • Remember to get to the bus stop early...
    to allow for minor variations in the bus schedule. From Newport, you may connect with another route or carrier to continue your trip.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

ADA Accessible Buses

All our vehicles are ADA accessible and the lift may be used by anyone who finds the steps too difficult for boarding.

Bikes Allowed on Buses

Bike racks are a first come, first served basis.

Each bike rack can carry two, single seat bicycles on a first come, first serve basis. Sorry, no tricycles, tandem bicycles, or motor powered vehicles.

Airport Connection

We will provide connecting service with the "Caravan Airport Transportation" shuttle service to the Portland International Airport.

Bus Etiquette


  • Extinguish cigarettes well before boarding the bus
  • Practice good personal hygiene
  • Remember, hazardous objects or weapons of any kind are prohibited
  • For safety reasons, we cannot transport flammable, caustic or poisonous materials
  • Finish food and beverage before boarding or keep them in a closed container
  • Limit radio or tape player use to headphones that cannot be heard by the driver or others passengers
  • As a courtesy, turn off cell phones or turn down ringer and talk quietly
  • Leave pets at home unless they are a service animal for the disabled or are in an approved pet carrier
  • Acknowledge "front of the bus" courtesy seating for the elderly and disabled
  • Remember that fighting, boisterous, or other behavior that disturbs passengers can result in removal from the bus
  • Be courteous to the driver and other passengers; verbal abuse or physically threatening behavior will not be tolerated
  • Do not bring open containers of alcohol or possess any illegal or controlled substances on the bus
  • Do not interfere in the movement of any transit vehicle
  • No unnecessary conversation with the driver while the bus is moving
  • Use designated crosswalks after the bus pulls away
  • Please sit down quickly and remain seated while the bus is in motion
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn; keep your feet on the floor
  • Arrive at your bus stop a few minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive
  • Make sure your bus coupon or fare is ready
  • Use a flashlight to help the bus driver see you when it is dark outside
  • Help young children and elderly board efficiently
  • If another passenger needs a seat, please remove personal items from the seat next to you

Thank you for your assistance!