Work Crews Available for Hire

Lincoln County Adult Parole and Probation has work crews available for hire to complete your next project. If you are a governmental agency or a non-profit group or organization, you can hire a supervised work crew at very reasonable rates.

The crew will be transported to your site by a Work Crew Foreman who will closely oversee the work. We provide most hand tools and power tools necessary to complete the job.

Typical projects include: Landscaping, Trail Building, Brush Clearing, Illegal Campsite/dumpsite Clean-up, Flood Prevention, Painting Projects, Litter Patrol, Habitat Restoration, Storm Damage and Removal, Invasive Species Removal, General Labor, Rock, Mulch and Chip Placement, Demolition and Moving Furniture.

If you are interested, please contact:

Dave at 541-265-0178