District Attorney


225 W Olive Street
Newport, OR 97365

225 W Olive Street
Room 100
Newport, OR 97365



Link: District Attorney Page

Medical Examiner Phone Line: 541-265-0285

Front Windows Hours

Monday through Friday
8:15 am to 5 pm / Closed 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Allison-Myers, Kathleen Crime Victim Advocate 541-265-0282  
Ammons, Cara Crime Victim Advocate 541-265-0266  
Andrisa, Kylie Deputy District Attorney 541-265-0246  
Araujo, Luis Caseworker / Child Support 541-265-4173  
Barber, Shelly Case Manager 541-265-0247  
Beltran-Landa, Lesly Grand Jury Coordinator 541-265-0273  
Bennett, Martin Investigator 541-265-0279  
Boggess, Hollie Deputy District Attorney 541-265-0246  
Cornwell, Karen General Office Assistant 541-265-0281  
Danforth, Lanee District Attorney 541-265-4145  
Dickinson, Chrystal Deputy District Attorney 541-265-0252  
Everitt, Ellen Executive Chief 541-265-0257  
Cannon, Carly Deputy District Attorney 541-265-0264  
Gonsalves, Jennifer Restitution Clerk 541-265-0267  
Gordon, Jessica Deputy District Attorney 541-265-0272  
Hall, Kimberly General Office Assistant 541-265-0270  
Hawes, Meg Legal Assistant 541-265-0254  
Howard, Debbie Senior Legal Assistant 541-265-0274  
Howard, Makena Victims' Assistant 541-265-0260  
Howard, R. Lynn Chief Deputy District Attorney 541-265-0269  
Hoy, Jonathan Community Alternative Justice Program Coordinator 541-265-0286  
Miller, Trish Cold Case Investigator 541-265-0253  
Monroe, Jen Caseworker / Child Support 541-265-4173  
Peterson, Mark Cold Case Investigator 541-265-0262  
Semple, Anna Administrative Chief 541-265-0263  
Shaffner, Chris Deputy District Attorney 541-265-0278  
Shepherd, Deanna Senior Legal Assistant 541-265-0249  
Snow, Linda Cold Case Investigator 541-265-0284  
Thompson, Marcia Victims' Assistance Case Manager / Supervisor 541-265-0265  
Van Horn, Luke Legal Assistant 541-265-0250  
Wallace, Jenna Deputy District Attorney 541-265-0276  

Circuit Court 

225 W Olive Street
Newport, OR 97365


Medical Examiner Phone Line 


Child Support Services 

611 SW Hurbert Street
Suite C
Newport, OR 97365

225 W Olive Street
Room 100
Newport, OR 97365



Link: Child Support Enforcement Page

Payment Information Number: 1-800-850-0228

Office Hours

Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays
8:30 am to 5 pm (Closed noon to 1 pm for lunch)

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Araujo, Luis Child Support Caseworker   541-265-4173  
Monroe, Jen Child Support Caseworker   541-265-4173  

Victims Advocates 

Main Victim Assistance Line: 541-265-3462

Link: Victim Assistance Information Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Thompson, Marcia Supervisor & Victims' Advocate 541-265-0265  

Victims' Assistance Line