Where do I begin?

Everything starts at the Lincoln County Human Resources website. From this page, you can click on the Job Opportunities link on the left hand side of the page. There you will find all open job postings. You should be able to find all the information you need to apply for a job from this page. Please pay special attention to the application instructions the job posting you are applying for to ensure your application materials are submitted timely and correctly.

To begin, you can either look for a job you are interested in and then click 'Apply' to set up your own user account, or you can start by creating your own account so that your profile is set up for when you find a job posting you would like to apply for. Remember to keep a record of your Username and Password once you have set up your account. You will need your Username and Password to apply for other positions or to check the status of your application and when you access the online recruitment system; you will need to input this information in exactly as you created it.

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1. Do I have to fill out an application?
2. How can I obtain/submit a paper copy of the Lincoln County Application?
3. How do I print my application?
4. I found a job that looks interesting! How do I apply for it?
5. If I don't have an e-mail address, what can I do?
6. If I have questions about job postings and the application process, what should I do?
7. If I submitted an application, will I automatically be considered for other positions?
8. Is this a secure site?
9. What if I submit more than one copy of my application to the same announcement?
10. How can I add additional employment or education entries?
11. How can I review the status of a recruitment, my account or application?
12. How do I change my address, telephone, or e-mail information?
13. How do I edit or delete the information on my online job application?
14. How do I know if I am qualified for this job?
15. How do I save my application?
16. How long will it take to apply for a job?
17. How will I be contacted regarding the status of the position I applied for?
18. How will I know when Lincoln County is hiring for a specific job?
19. I missed the deadline. Can I still apply?
20. I tried to create a new account but it says my e-mail address is already in use!
21. Is there an application deadline?
22. What if I am not chosen?
23. What if I do not have a computer?
24. What is an oral examination?
25. What is the Lincoln County on-line application system?
26. What type of computer do I need to apply online?
27. Where do I begin?
28. Who will see my application if I use the Lincoln County on-line application process?
29. Will I be logged out automatically?