Even with a concealed handgun license, where can I not carry a firearm?

Oregon Law states: Possession of a Concealed Handgun License does not authorize you to carry a firearm on any of the following properties: Any Federal facility. (i.e., Federal Court House, Post Office, Social Security Office, in airports, and on airplanes). This does not prohibit the carrying of firearms on federal lands, other than designated wilderness areas, incident to hunting or other lawful purposes. National Forests marked or posted by signs prohibiting all firearms. You may not carry a firearm concealed while upon an Indian Reservation/Indian property without the written permission of the tribal judge. This may also apply to certain casinos that are on the Indian lands. In a courtroom, jury room, judge's chambers or the areas adjacent thereto that the presiding judge determines should be free of firearms to ensure the safety of the litigants, court personnel, witnesses and others. Additionally, many private businesses have conditions regarding the possession of firearms on their premises. If you violate these conditions you could, under certain circumstances, be subject to arrest under Oregon trespass laws, in which case your concealed handgun license would be seized and/or revoked.

Do not bring guns, mace, knives or any type of weapon to the Lincoln County Courthouse.

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