What is the faster internet Oregon speed test campaign?

The Faster Internet Oregon speed test campaign is a statewide broadband mapping effort for Oregonians to report Internet speeds or a lack of connection at home.

The Faster Internet Oregon project will provide decision-makers with data that will:

  • Identify Oregon homes that lack high-speed Internet;
  • Clarify which households don't have an Internet connection and why;
  • Provide cost estimates and assess competitive viability of a variety of technical solutions for areas with identified gaps.

This campaign will help secure infrastructure funding across the state and ensure the funding is equitably allocated so that everyone has access to fast, affordable Internet service.

Please help us identify Oregon's areas with the greatest need for high-speed broadband by visiting Faster Internet Oregon Website. It takes less than 1 minute!

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1. What is the faster internet Oregon speed test campaign?
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5. Does the type of Internet service I use matter for the speed test?
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