Emergency Preparedness Matching Grant Program

September is National Preparedness Month

Since 2007, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, have annually sponsored a local matching grant for emergency preparedness, disaster response and disaster recovery for qualifying entities.

Purpose of the Emergency Preparedness Grant

To provide matching funds to qualifying local entities to purchase emergency supplies or equipment (e.g., disaster food items, water purification equipment, bedding, cots, sanitation, first-aid supplies, warning radios or other devices, and similar supplies or equipment) intended for disaster response or recovery efforts.

Qualifying Entities:

  • Incorporated cities in Lincoln County;
  • City Fire Departments and Rural Fire Protection Districts in Lincoln County;
  • Schools: 
    • Lincoln County School District, 
    • Oregon Coast Community College, 
    • Charter Schools within Lincoln County, 
    • OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center; 
  • Ports: 
    • Alsea, 
    • Depoe Bay, 
    • Toledo, 
    • Newport; 
  • The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians; and
  • Community: OSU Extension Service

Qualifying Entities will fill out and submit the digital application to have their project considered for approval. A PDF version of the digital application is available in the column to the right.

Application Project Details:

  • Agency demographics, points of contacts, project timelines, itemized list of items to be purchased and where they will be stored.
  • Project narrative, how the requested funds will be utilized for emergency preparedness, response, or disaster recovery efforts.
  • Agency Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), upload digital PDF copy of current agency EOP in the digital application form.


Will be made via email to applicants on their application status.

For those with approved projects, instructions will be provided for executing the project award, i.e., access to matching funds, final expense reporting and project conclusion report and timelines.

How to Access to Matching Funds:

  • Complete the Financial Advance Request form if an advance is needed. The form will be emailed with the award notification, allow 3 weeks for payment processing, submit to County Emergency Manager.
  • Complete the Final Financial Request/Report form once all items have been expensed, form emailed to Awardee with the award notification, allow 3 weeks for payment process, submit to County Emergency Manager.
  • Funds must be requested by the Awardee by June 7th for payment to be made before the end of the fiscal year; see financial request forms noted above in Access to Matching Funds. 

Project Conclusion:

  • Complete the Final Financial Project Request/Report form and forward to County Emergency Manager via email.
  • Complete the digital Project Conclusion Report to make notification of expenditures and project conclusion. 
  • If Awardee is unable to utilize all of their awarded funds for their project and they requested advance funds they will be invoiced for the return of the unused amount of the match funds.
  • County Emergency Manager should be notified via email if response/recovery supplies are relocated to a new location in future years.

Contact Information:

  • County Emergency Manager, vdemaris@co.lincoln.or.us, 541-265-4199