Patrol Division

Patrol Team

The Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling the County and enforcing criminal and traffic laws. In addition to normal patrol duties, the patrol division has two canine teams, two marine deputies, one forest deputy, one community services deputy, two detectives assigned to investigations, two deputies assigned to the Siletz Area Enhanced Patrol District, and two deputies assigned to the City of Waldport for enhanced patrol services.

K9 Team

Deputy Zach Akin and K9 Ghost - Ghost is a 2-year-old German Shepherd (GSD) from northern Germany. He is a young dog with a high amount of drive (willingness to work). He is trained to track for suspects who have fled from crime scenes. He also conducts building and area searches for criminal suspects and provides handler protection.

Marine Patrol

The Marine Patrol is 80% funded by the State Marine Board. The marine deputies are responsible for ensuring boater safety on the waterways of Lincoln County. Lincoln County's Marine Patrol Deputies must complete an 80-hour marine patrol training course and annual update training in advanced marine patrol and education techniques.

Forest Deputy

The Forest Deputy is funded by the Lincoln County Solid Waste District and private timber companies. The forest deputy enforces laws on private timber lands located within Lincoln County.

Community Services Deputy

The Community Services Deputy investigates violations of county ordinances relating to issues such as land use, unapproved construction, illegal RV camps, and unlawful dump sites. The overall objective is to enforce county regulations in an effort to maintain livability for all residents.

Mountain Bike Patrol

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office has several deputies that are trained in mountain bike patrol. The deputies ride bikes during special events, including parades and festivals. A deputy on a bicycle is highly mobile, able to respond quickly in heavy foot or vehicular traffic. The deputy can provide focused patrols in problem areas and can check areas that he might otherwise overlook from a patrol vehicle.

Animal Services & Protection Division

The Animal Services and Protection Division mediates a solution, enforces laws, and/or investigates damage or aggression complaints involving dogs. Learn more about the Animal Services and Protection Division.

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