Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Lincoln Community Health Center (LCHC) and Lincoln County Health and Human Services (LCHHS) believes that no one should go without care because they fear the cost. In addition to providing high quality care for the lowest possible cost, we have charitable assistance programs and billing policies that help patients focus on getting well rather than worrying about how they will pay for care.

  1. Generous charity care policy. LCHC offers financial assistance on a sliding scale to families and individuals with incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty level.
  2. Patients with a demonstrated financial need can set up a no-interest payment plan.
  3. Collections practices. LCHC will not use the courts to collect an unpaid medical bill unless there is evidence of fraud or an indication of ability to pay coupled with refusal to pay.
  4. Assistance policy widely publicized.LCHC informs patients and the community that charitable financial assistance is available through a variety of means, including:
    • Brochures in hospital and clinics
    • Signs inside facilities with charity policy
    • Information about charity care on billing statements
    • Information about charitable assistance on the outside of billing envelopes
  5. Assistance with the identification of resources. LCHC has personnel trained and able to assist with Medicaid applications, Prescription Drug Assistance programs, and broad knowledge of Community, State and National resources.

Financial Assistance for Patients

At Lincoln Community Health Center, medically necessary and generally available healthcare services are accessible to residents in the communities we serve, regardless of ability to pay. Financial assistance is available for qualifying patients.

If you don't have insurance, or if you need help in paying for care, please contact the clinic and ask to speak with a Financial Counselor about our Financial Assistance Program:

Who qualifies for the Financial Assistance Program?

Uninsured patients may automatically qualify for a discount, and all patients who have difficulty paying for care can receive financial assistance on a sliding scale, based on income and personal circumstances. Provision can also be made for some patients who experience catastrophic healthcare events.

To apply for financial assistance, please complete the Financial Assistance Application and give the form, along with the appropriate documentation, to a Financial Counselor, or any employee at the facility where you received, or will receive, care. You may also mail a completed form to the facility were services were, or will be, provided.

Income documentation includes one or more of the following:
1. Current payroll or check stub
2. Award letter
3. Court documents
4. Tax returns and/or a current commissions statement
If the above documentation can not be provided, please contact LCHC.

After patients provide information about household income, household size, expenses, and other personal circumstances, a cost of care compatible with the patient's ability to pay is determined. Get answers to questions about financial assistance by using our secure online form.