Brandi Jederberg

Animal Shelter
Title: Animal Care Specialist
Brandi Jederberg

Brandi began working professionally with animals in 1991 for a local veterinarian as kennel help, and as a stable hand for an Arabian horse boarding and training facility. She moved up from these positions over time and eventually ended up on the Oregon Coast. Brandi first began working for the Lincoln County Animal shelter full time in 2009. She began working with Grove Veterinary Clinic part time in 2013. Brandi went full time to Grove in 2016 and gained more intimate experience in vet care and assisted with surgeries. She resumed full time duties at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter in 2022 and is attending school to achieve Veterinary Nurse/Technician License. Brandi has been putting over 30 years of experience to good use to better the lives of Lincoln County's displaced animals.

Her off-time activities include walking her dog Fenris, gardening, watching YouTube how to videos, and doing schoolwork. Brandi shares her home with 4 dogs, 3 cats and 2 other humans.


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