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Lincoln County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Chapter Assistance Request

  1. Instructions

    Community Groups may use this form to request assistance from Lincoln County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) teams.

    Request must be submitted at least four business weeks prior to your event. You will be contacted following the review of your request to discuss your request in further detail. Filling out this request does not assure approval. A confirmation letter will be issued if approved.

  2. CERT Chapter
  3. Will there be Refreshments?
  4. Snacks or Meals?
  5. Insurance Coverage?
  6. Event Security on site?
  7. Is alcohol allowed at this event?
  8. Required Information

    If request is approved the following information will be required:

    For Festivals or Fairs

    • Boundaries
    • Layout of booths, tents, etc., labeled
    • Location of barricades and vendor access points
    • Show where CERT can put information and incident command tents can be located.

    For Parades

    • Exact parade route, with street names
    • Location of parade staging for participants
    • Where participants will go at the end of the parade
    • Mark where CERT personnel will be stationed
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