County Administration

The office of the County Administrator was established by the Board of Commissioners in 2021, and the county's first ever chief administrator in its 130-year history, Tim Johnson, was appointed in April 2022. For at least 60 years prior, three commissioners divided supervision of departments between them.

The County Administration Office underpins an array of services. The office works to anticipate community needs, support the Board of Commissioners, provide organizational guidance, manage the day-to-day operations of the county, and guide countywide work to achieve the organization's strategic objectives. 

The office also takes on policy research and special projects coordination for countywide initiatives, responds to Board of Commissioner requests, and provides financial and budgetary direction as well as overall support to county departments. 

The office administers Board of Commissioner meetings, from preparing the agenda and commissioner packets to record keeping and document retention, providing additional support throughout proceedings. 

County Administrator

The County Administrator reports directly to commissioners and supervises the development of the annual budget and the functions of the commissioners' office. The administrator directs appointed department heads and coordinates with departments led by elected officials toward overall budget and organizational trajectory.

County administration staff provides daily planning and support to commissioners and handles accounts payable, contracts, reception, equipment inventories, hiring, budget development, analysis on policies and practices, distribution of press releases and other general office duties.

The County Administrator is appointed by the Board of Commissioners to carry out its policies, oversee the day-to-day management of the county government and ensure business activities by the county are conducted in accordance with the Lincoln County Charter.

The administrator is responsible for the preparation of the budget and monitoring spending; hiring and supervising department heads; ensuring compliance with laws, rules and policies; drafting and enforcing ordinances; representing the county at various functions and on issues; and assisting members of the public with county issues.


The County Administrator is the lead for county Capital Improvement Projects. Projects underway or pending include a remaking of the Lincoln County Commons and a new Lincoln County Animal Shelter.