Animal Shelter

About Us

For over 60 years, the Lincoln County Animal Shelter has been the only shelter for animals in need in our community. Our goal is to be a model shelter for small, rural communities providing progressive animal care.

We care for approximately 1,100 animals each year. We immediately accept all sick, injured and abandoned animals and dogs running at large. We are also able to rehome surrendered animals. Thousands of other animals receive help through licensing, the food bank program, lost and found efforts, humane education, and disaster planning and response. The Animal Shelter staff work hand-in-hand with over 100 volunteers and the Animal Services Deputies.

The Animal Shelter strives to provide a safe haven for our community's animals by protecting animal welfare and public safety; rescuing, reuniting, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in need; and promoting responsible pet guardianship through licensing and education.

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Pet Retention Programs

Helping families stay together is our priority.

  • Getting Pets Home: Our Animal Shelter has an incredibly high redemption rate for lost animals who enter the shelter because we know all dogs and most healthy, friendly outdoor cats have homes and caretakers. We are the only shelter in our county, and we work with community members who find lost animals to do all we can to help make sure they go home.
  • Pet Food: We are continuing to provide pet food through Meals on Wheels and our food bank program at the animal shelter.
  • ID Programs: We assist families with identifying their pets through licensing, id tags ($5), and microchipping ($20).
  • The Central Coast Humane Society (in partnership with Friends of Lincoln County Animals [FOLCAS]) is able to assist with funds for veterinary care including spay/neuter.

Make a Report

To report found dogs, injured or abandoned animals, abuse or neglect, please call Dispatch to reach an Animal Services Deputy at 541-265-0777. Thank you for caring!