How to Sign Up

Contact 541-265-0457

Monday through Friday 8 am-5 pm.

What is CaCoon (CAre COordinatiON)

CaCoon (CAre COordinatiON) is a statewide, public health nurse visiting program in partnership with OHSU.

CaCoon nurses help families coordinate care for their children and youth with special health needs and chronic conditions.

Nurses visit families as needed at home and in the community such as at doctor's offices, at specialty appointments and IEP meetings.

CaCoon nurses partner with families to:

  • Identify the child's strengths and needs.
  • Connect with healthcare providers and other community supports.
  • Help to ensure the child's health team works well together.
  • Help gather information to make health-related decisions for the child.
  • Identify problems and help find solutions.
  • For children from birth through age 20 with special health needs.
  • Help children and families of children with special health needs, transition to adult care.