Disease Prevention & Health Promotion

Photo of a person's arm with sleeve rolled up. Gloved hand is wiping arm with cotton ball.Photo of the Lincoln County Harm Reduction van at an event.  Photo of hands creating a circle around a "No smoking or vaping" sign Photo of a hand stopping dominos from falling.Photo of a paved path in the forest. One path leads straight ahead and another off to the left. Photo of 6 young adults with their arms around each other, smiling. Blue sky is behind them.

Communicable Disease

Public health works to protect individuals and communities against the spread of disease, injuries and environmental hazards while promoting and encouraging healthier lifestyles.

Harm Reduction Program

Lincoln County's Harm Reduction program offers syringe exchange services, and free resources, such as overdose reversal kits, condoms and first aid supplies. This helps reduce the risk of HIV, Hepatitis C, sexually transmitted infections, and other bacterial infections. We also offer rapid HIV, Hepatitis C, and syphilis testing. Click HERE for the Van Site Location Schedule.

Health Promotion 

Lincoln County's Health Promotion programs seek to educate, promote, coordinate effective community-based prevention strategies, and collaborate with the community and stakeholders to prevent and reduce areas of public health significance, creating a healthier community. Our Health Promotion team works to:

  • Prevent alcohol and drug use, tobacco use, and problem gambling
  • Promote mental health awareness and resources