USPS Postmark for Property Tax Payments

  • When mailing your property tax payment, the Lincoln County Tax Collector uses the official post mark date stamp from the United States Postal Service, to post your payment. 
  • Please Note: The US Postal Service has recently changed first-class and Priority Mail service times. First-class Package Service and Priority Mail were previously 2-3 day service commitments. Both are now 3 to 4 days. 
  • Due to recent changes with USPS (the Salem, OR facility closed), mailings could be subject to re-routing from the original destination and forwarded on to Portland, OR for the official post mark date. For example: If your payment is mailed from your mail box in Newport, OR, it may be re-routed to Portland, OR and post marked at the Portland, OR facility. 
  • Please allow sufficient mail time for your payment to arrive, with a post mark on or before the actual due date ORS 311.505.
  • To ensure that you receive the postmark by any tax due date, we suggest that you take your mail into the post office and have your envelope hand-stamped by the post office.
  • When making a payment online at our website the Tax Collector will use the initiation date as the official postmark of your payment.
  • When paying online through your own banking institution/bill pay, make sure to allow sufficient time for your payment to arrive by the due date.