Floodplain Management


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is in the process of revising Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for Lincoln County as part of a larger Risk MAP project for the County. Risk MAP provides high-quality flood maps and information, tools to better assess the risk from flooding and planning and outreach support to communities to help them take action to reduce (or mitigate) flood risk.

You can view how the preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps impact your property by using this online viewer. The maps are also available in in a PDF format at FEMA's Map Service Center. Enter Lincoln County, Oregon into the fields provided and use the index maps to identify the panel on which your property is located.

If you would like a custom flood map for your property, please contact Lincoln County Planning and Development Department at 541-265-4192 and be prepared to provide your name, full property address, and map/tax lot number.


With over 60 miles of ocean shore and several major rivers, extensive areas of Lincoln County are subject to periodic flooding. Lincoln County participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which makes flood insurance available to all property owners in the county. To maintain eligibility for the NFIP, Lincoln County has adopted and enforces special building and development restrictions for lands that are subject to flooding.

  • Lands that are subject to special flood hazard area regulations have been mapped based on the so-called "100-year" flood, which is a flooding event that has a 1% probability of occurring in any year.
  • It is important to note that flood events only slightly lower in magnitude than the 100-year flood will occur with much greater frequency, and are often nearly as damaging as the 100-year base flood.
  • For example, in just the past decade, Lincoln County has experienced three flood events that resulted in widespread damage to private homes and property, but all three of these floods were of lesser magnitude than the 100-year base flood.

If you are considering buying or developing property along the ocean shore or along one of the county's larger rivers or streams, you should check with the Planning Division to determine whether the property is in a special flood hazard area. Staff planners can also advise you regarding the special building and construction standards required for development of properties in flood hazard areas.

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