Lincoln County regulates both recreational and medical marijuana facilities under the authority granted by 2016 House Bill 3400 and 2016 Senate Bill 1598 to regulate the time, place, and manner in which these facilities operate. In 2015, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners passed Ordinances Number 479 and Number 484, which created temporary regulations for medical and recreational marijuana facilities, respectively. Copies of these ordinances are provided below.

The State of Oregon issues licenses for four types of marijuana businesses:

  • Production: manufacture, planting, cultivation, growing or harvesting of marijuana;
  • Processing: processing, compounding or conversion of marijuana into cannabinoid products, concentrates, or extracts; excluding packaging or labeling;
  • Wholesaling: purchasing marijuana items in Oregon for resale to a person other than a consumer in Oregon;
  • Retailing: selling marijuana items to a consumer in Oregon.

Whether an individual is able to produce, process, wholesale or sell marijuana on a specific property depends on several factors, including the land use zone in which the property is located. The Recreational Marijuana Facility Matrix found below can help you figure out if your property is zoned for a particular type of marijuana facility. Consult a planner with Lincoln County Planning and Development to verify that a property is eligible for the desired facility.

Oregon Liquor Control Commission and Oregon Health Authority, which oversee the recreational and medical marijuana programs at the state level, require that applicants for state licenses submit a land use compatibility statement (LUCS) as part of their application. Through a LUCS, a local planning official verifies that a proposed facility is permitted on a specific property. Please complete the appropriate authorization form below and submit with your LUCS to help staff verify conformity with County standards.

Contact Planning and Development staff at 541-265-4192 with questions.

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