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The official Lincoln County Survey Index is on the GIS research terminals at the County Surveyor's Office. While we do not do research for people over the phone, we do keep staff available including licensed Land Surveyors, to assist those who come in to do research.

townships of Lincoln County ranges in Lincoln County
Townships in Lincoln County
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Ranges in Lincoln County
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Survey Map Images by Email

Surveys are also indexed on the Assessors Maps. This is an unofficial and incomplete index of surveys which is available online by following the link below. Note that Assessors Maps online are currently updated just four times per year. We will respond to item specific requests (i.e.: "Please send me CS 15555 and CS 7426" or "Please send me the Subdivision Plat of Phelps Addition") by sending tif images of the surveys as attachments to an email.

There is a $5.00 initial transmittal fee with an additional $1.50 for each emailed survey. Payment is due upon receipt. Acceptable forms of payment are Check or Money Order made payable to Lincoln County Surveyor's Office. If you would like to order a survey or plat please contact Surveys at


HELP with map numbers
and locating maps
TIF image depicting all
townships & ranges
See also the Township and Range images (above).

Index Maps-Copyright 1999 - 2008, by Lincoln County,
a political subdivision of the State of Oregon


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