Solid Waste District Programs

Latex Paint Recycling

The District recycles up to 80 percent of the latex paint collected through the county's transfer stations. Latex paints can be recycled at your local transfer stations on a daily basis. Only usable latex paints in one-gallon or larger containers are accepted – no oil base, bad paint, stains or varnishes. The collected latex paints are inspected for quality and sorted by color. The paint is reblended, filtered and distributed to the community in 5-gallon buckets at a reduced price. Significant discounts are available for registered non-profit organizations and government agencies. Colors subject to availability.

Home Composter

Backyard composting enables you to reduce your volume of waste, reuse composted material and recycle nutrients back into the soil. Compost bins, aerators, and kitchen collectors are available for purchase at:

Trash dumped in forest

The District has a regional approach to the enforcement of illegal dumping. The Forest Enforcement Program benefits Lincoln County and its incorporated cities by maintaining the necessary patrol on public and private lands, maintaining cleanup programs and educating the community.

If you see any illegal dumping activities, please contact the Lincoln County Sheriff's Dispatch (LinCom).