Latex Paint Recycling Program

Latex Paint Recycling
Our Paint Program Has Moved

As part of Oregon’s statewide paint stewardship program the Lincoln County Solid Waste District and Lincoln County Haulers Association overhauled our recycled latex paint program.  We wanted to keep the best parts of the existing program (many colors of high quality recycled latex paint available for an inexpensive price) and improve others (more places to purchase paint, less transportation of recyclable latex paint).  Each of the four recycling and transfer stations in the county now accepts your useable latex paint for recycling at no charge.  When enough paint is collected they use the same equipment and techniques to produce a variety of great colors.

Recycled Latex Paint is currently available for $30 per 5-galon bucket at the following recycling and transfer stations:

North Lincoln Sanitary Service
1726 SE Hwy 101
Lincoln City

Thompson’s Sanitary Service
7450 NE Avery Street

How do I use the paint?
You can use a brush, roller or paint-sprayer to apply the paint. It is recommended that the paint be thoroughly mixed and filtered prior to use. Additional filtering and/or thinning may be required before applying it with a paint sprayer. Many painters thin the paint using 1:3 or 1:4 water to paint ratios; test a small portion before using

Can I use the paint inside and outside?
Recycled latex paint can be used both inside and outside. Because the paint contains a combination of glosses, acrylics and enamels, the resulting product is a low-sheen (between flat and satin) finish. It is very durable, can be washed and scrubbed, and usually covers in one coat.

How much paint will I need?
Each 5-gallon pail covers from 1,000 to 1,500 square feet, depending on the application method and painting surface.