Support Services Division

Lincoln County Sheriff Support Services 2016

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
225 West Olive Street, Room 203
Newport, OR 97365

Tel:  541-265-4915 (Civil)
Tel:  541-265-4912 (Records)
Tel:  541-265-4912 (Evidence and Property)
Fax: 541-265-4917

Division Commander:
Lisa Combs,
Support Services Director


The answers to many questions may be obtained from the Sheriff's Office Support Services Division located on the second floor of the Lincoln County Courthouse at 225 W. Olive Street, Newport, OR.  The Support Services Division is open to the public 5 days a week as follows:

Monday through Thursday, 8:00 AM - Noon and 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Friday, 8:00 AM - Noon

CLOSED:  Friday afternoons, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays

Customer service is a priority to the Support Services Division of your Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.  We would appreciate your feedback.  Please feel free to share your experience with our members or make suggestions for improvement to our web page.  You can also reach us via email at

Civil Information

The Civil Division is responsible for booking, filing, serving and enforcing court orders and a variety of other documents issued by the courts. Examples of civil papers include:

  • small claim notices,
  • writs of garnishment,
  • evictions
  • restraining orders and
  • foreclosures of real or personal property.

Staff also seize and sell real or personal property as ordered by the courts and ensure enforcement of Orders of Assistance for the custody of children.

Civil Division staff who are trained in civil process ensure that all court orders are processed in accordance with Oregon law and the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure.  After ensuring the papers are complete, a sheriff's deputy delivers the documents to the person named on the paper, or if the law allows, to a responsible party. When court orders and executions are received civil staff arrange enforcement.

The Civil Division also processes and serves criminal subpoenas for the District Attorney and criminal defense attorneys.

Online Sheriff's Sales - Click Here to View Current Auctions in any Oregon County- Oregon State Sheriff's Association offers a website for posting Sheriff's Notice of Sale. See attachment below for bulletin with more information.  Click here to view the Sheriff's Sales Status. 

Service Fees

Generally, there is a fee charged to process and serve civil papers.  State law or county ordinance sets the fee that is charged for our services.  Checks or money orders for fees should be made payable to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.

Type of Document   Fee Jan 1, 2018 Fee

Notice Process
(Such as summons and complaint, divorces documents,
Small Claim notices, Notices of Restitution, etc.)

For more than two parties at an address, the fee
increases to $20 per person. (effective Jan. 1, 2018 - increases to $25 per person)

1-2 Parties
(same address)
$36 $45
  3 Parties
(same address)
$60 $75
  4 Parties
(same address)
$80 $100
Writs of Garnishment   $25 $25
Enforcement Actions Minimum Fee
(Fees vary by the type of enforcement action, so please call to verify)


  $70 $80
Conveyance of Real Property
(Deed, etc.)
  $30 $50

See attachment below for 2016-2017 Fee Schedule.

Mailing Papers for Service

Papers for service or enforcement should be mailed to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Civil Division, 225 W. Olive Street, Room 203, Newport, OR  97365.  Papers and instructions mailed should include:

  • A signed and completed Civil Service Request Form.
  • Appropriate copies (or certified true copies) as required for service.
  • Appropriate copies (or originals) as required for return to court.
  • Name and address of person(s) to be served and any other information that would be helpful such as vehicle driven, place of employment.
  • Check or money order in the correct amount to cover service fee (papers will not be served or processed without the service fee).
  • Self addressed stamped envelope.  (In most cases, Oregon law requires the Sheriff make their return directly to the court. The Sheriff's Office will mail a copy of the return to you if the appropriate envelope has been provided.)
For Legal Advice, Contact an Attorney

By law, the Support Services Division is not permitted to give legal advice. Please consult an attorney for any legal guidance. You may also wish to contact the Oregon State Bar Tel-Law line at (503) 620-0222 or Web-Law for general legal information.

Public Records Requests

Public Records Requests

Much of the information that your Sheriff's Office stores is routinely available to the public for a fee. There are some exceptions under law that restrict the release of specific types of records.  The first step in the process is to submit a letter or Records Request form and to remit the estimated fee.  If the information you need is not immediately available, Records Staff will let you know if or when the information is expected to be releasable.  Questions regarding records requests may also be sent via email to

Our fees associated with public records requests vary and can be found by reading our fee schedule (see attachment below). 

Property and Evidence Information

Your Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Evidence and Property Division is staffed by one civilian Evidence Control Specialist and supervised by the Support Services Director.

The Property and Evidence Division is responsible for receiving, cataloging, storing, and maintaining all evidence collected during a Sheriff's Office investigation.  Evidence may include firearms, weapons, blood samples, urine samples, personal property, found property, and items collected as part of an investigation.  The Property and Evidence Division is also responsible for returning property to the rightful owner at the conclusion of an investigation or disposing of such property in accordance with Oregon Revised Statutes.

The Property and Evidence Division's primary function is to retain evidence for the prosecution of criminal court cases. The unit is responsible for the proper intake, control, storage, release and/or disposal of all property confiscated, appropriated, seized or otherwise taken into custody by your Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.  This property may include recovered stolen, abandoned, and found property, as well as property received for safekeeping.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Property and Evidence Division is only responsible for property/evidence collected by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.  If your property was collected or seized by another law enforcement agency within Lincoln County (for example: Newport Police Department, Oregon State Police, Lincoln City Police Department, Toledo Police Department, etc.), you will need to contact that agency directly for the disposition of your property.

The Evidence Control Specialist does not have the authority to release property taken as evidence without prior authorization from the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office case officer or the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office. The Sheriff's Office Evidence Control Specialist can facilitate the process for release of property, but does not have the authority to determine what property can be released or when it can be released.


Evidence and property that is no longer needed for court proceedings will be released to its rightful owner if known. The Evidence Control Specialist will send a letter to the owner's last known address or last known address on file the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles stating the property can be picked up from our office.  Evidence and property used in the commission of a crime, such as controlled substances or related instruments and/or contraband, which are unlawfully used or possessed, will be destroyed.  

Property is released by appointment only.  Property will not be released to the owner without photo identification (drivers license, state ID card, passport, etc.). You may be asked to supply proof of ownership.


Personal property for someone lodged at the Lincoln County Jail is maintained at that facility. The Lincoln County Jail is located at 251 West Olive Street, Newport, OR. If you have a question regarding inmate property you must call (541) 265-4277 ext. 0710. It is recommended that you contact this office in advance to schedule an appointment to pick up property, as paperwork must be completed before any property is released. 


The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office will dispose of any unwanted firearms and ammunition for the general public upon receiving a signed release. For more information, please contact the staff directly at (541) 265-4912.