Letters of Praise

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office periodically receives thank-you letters from citizens and other agencies. We've reproduced some of our favorites below. (Letters may be edited for length or clarity, and identifying details may be removed.)

We welcome your communication and feedback. Please send us a letter or use the Citizen Communication Form (See attachment below).

For Deputy Dougherty:

Hello LT,

I just wanted to write you a note letting you know about the helpfulness of Deputy Dougherty a few weeks back. We had an injury traffic crash on Hwy 101 and NE 7th ST right at 1700hrs. Two of our NPD Officers were in the Jail with custodies which left me and our SRO to respond. As you can imagaine, traffic was backing up quickly and had already backed up through the 101/20 intersection. 

Deputy Dougherty noticed this and responded without being asked to assist and began taking care of the traffic on the south side of the crash while I worked the north, leaving SRO Watson to work the crash scene.  Without Deputy Dougherty’s assistance, there likely would have been another crash.  Deputy Dougherty stayed on scene and assisted me with the traffic control through the course of SRO Watson investigating the crash and getting the road cleared. 

 I thanked Deputy Dougherty for his willingness to help but thought you should know. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like any more information.


Sergeant Brent Gainer


Letter to Sheriff Dotson from a former inmate

Please refer to the following link to read a letter to Sheriff Dotson from a former innate.


For Deputy Lopez:
I would like to commend the kind and helpful patrol deputy, Rene Lopez, for the services he rendered to me and my sister, as well as another car of tourists, when we were searching for the trailhead to Drift Creek Falls on August 19, 2015.  We encountered Deputy Lopez when we stopped at a Subway deli during a very bewildering and frustrating time when we were nearly ready to abandon our plans.  (We had already been trying to find the correct "forest service road" for over an hour.)  Deputy Lopez said he knew the exact location because he had been there many times.  He invited us to follow him and he would lead us to our destination (unless he received an emergency call).  He made a big impression on us with his kind and generous offer.  He is a fine gentleman in uniform and your office should be proud to have him on your staff.  Please extend our gratitude and appreciation to Patrol Deputy Rene Lopez.  (Before we departed the next day, Joan and I delivered a cake to the Lincoln Count y Sheriff's Office in Newport, OR to say "thank you.")

To our office from London McCabe's grandmother:
I just found out from a friend of mine that you coordinated the search for our little London last November. I am London's grandmother. I wanted to write and thank you. All the efforts that night were nothing short of heroic. I and the family are very appreciative that his body was recovered so quickly. It allowed some closure for us. We all prayed that he was alive and safe somewhere. Knowing that all that could be done, was done, is a relief.

Monday the 21st would have been London's 7th birthday. I am remembering  him by planning to place a bouquet of yellow balloons on the bridge for the day. I'm asking all who wish to remember him with me to find a way to reach out to someone in brotherly love and actively bring about goodness and life to another. He lives on in our hearts and we know we will be reunited with him in heaven. Thank you and please pass on my appreciation to others who were involved that night.

For several deputies:

I just wanted to send a big “Thank You” to a several of your deputies. Back on July 9th there was a situation at the courthouse involving one of our advocates, Tracey Cummings. The deputies (Ballantine, Dorsey, Hawley, and Enna) responded quickly to the situation, and made sure it didn’t escalate. When I heard about this incident, I was impressed by their professionalism, and ability to defuse the situation peacefully. They went out of their way to ensure the client was safe. We appreciate , not only their quick action, but also their willingness to respond so effectively. We are comforted in knowing that our deputies will respond and ensure the safety of the community.

Elizabeth “Lisa” Norton, MSW

Executive Director

My Sisters’ Place

Sheriff, I wanted to pass on my compliments on the interaction I had with your office yesterday. The staff that I came into contact with was very helpful, courteous and polite. Records, Jail visiting, Corrections officer and reception assisted me, I thought to myself that they conducted themselves in the same manner as I would have expected from my staff when I was working in the same field. I am sure you are proud of the work they do, as you should be they are outstanding!
Thank you
Gregory G. Olson Undersheriff (ret)

Dear Lieutenant,

I just wanted to say what a great job your staff does; and especially during these past two days. From the transport crew to the booking deputies, I can't say how wonderful they've been and how hard they have worked. So often in this job great people get overlooked, because they just always do a wonderful job. Please thank them for me and let them know that their professionalism and patience are appreciated.


Susie O'Toole

May 28, 2015

Dear Sheriff Dotson,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your willingness to contribute agency
resources and personnel in support of the Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation as it partnered with
the Coos County Sheriff's Office ~or the Celebration of Life Service for Deputy Gil Datan.
Th1s service and the carr provided to the Datan .family ·and 'the Coos :County Sheriff's Ofticc
would not have been possible without the help of your agency. The donation from the Lincoln
County Sheriff's Oftice is immeasurable. The Honor Guard members who responded on the day
nf the serv ice conducted themselves in a most honorahle fas hion. Additionally, I must recognize
the efforts of Deputy Gary Davey. who served in the Logistics Section. Deputy Davey worked
long h0urs helping to acquire the necessary provisions for the service. and his hard work and
dedication to the mission did not go unnoticed.
The assistance your personnel provided during this time to support the Datan family and the
Coos Councy :Sheriffs Office was greatly appreciated. This simple letter of thanks can never
real!y ~xpress our appreciation enough for your efforts.

May 4, 2015

I would like to just say thank you for the assist that Deputy Dorsey and Schermerhorn provided
the Lane County Sheriff's Office in locating a suspect in an domestic violence investigation we
conducted. They not only located the suspect and arrested him for Lane County, but they then
met our deputies at the county line where he was handed off and taken to our jail. This kind o
cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Detective Sgt. Carl Wilkerson, Lane County Sheriff's Office

September 26, 2014

The following comment was recently left on our Facebook page commending Deputy Lopez

Our son was bitten by a snake and had a adverse reaction to the snake bite. Deputy Lopez happened to be driving the opposite direction we were heading. I flagged him down and he was extremely helpful. We were blessed that he happened by at that very moment. Deputy Lopez, thank you so very much for your service.

September 19, 2014

Letter from Alan Cline, Director of Operations-Dark 30 Sports (See attachment below).

March 31, 2014

Sheriff Dotson,

On behalf of the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), I would like to express our appreciation and thanks to Patrol Commander Dave Carey and the members of the Lincoln County Sheriffs Office for inviting us to the Active Shooter training exercise last week at Waldport High School.

This was a great training opportunity for all parties involved and allowed all aspects of the emergency response system to be tested in a realistic environment including first responders, command staff, and mutual aid agencies. Unfortunately, the joint training and command philosophy your organizations have adopted do not exist in many parts of the state. I believe that your organizations are leaders in this area and we will share what we experienced with others as we travel around the state.

We have enjoyed working with you and your agencies on various partnerships over the past years and if we can ever be of assistance to you, please feel free to call me at (503) 378-2332.

Thank you for your on-going commitment to excellence in training.

Eriks J. Gabliks
Director, Department of Public Safety Standards and Training

March 14, 2014

Lt. Russell,

On behalf of the staff and residents of Samaritan House, I would like to say thank you for the informative presentation you gave at the Board of Commissioner's meeting regarding the new inmate tracking system in use at the Lincoln County Jail. I was especially interested to hear that this new system offers community members the option to search the inmate roster for past arrest records.

Working with the population that we serve at Samaritan House inherently opens us to contact with former inmates and their families. While it is important to consider the present circumstances and conditions of a family, it is also crucial to be aware of what issues a family, or a particular family member, has struggled with in the past. Working with a limited budget, we are often unable to perform costly background checks on prospective residents. This feature will allow us to confirm intake information given to us by applicants and also to "fill in the blanks" when given incomplete information.

I appreciate your hard work, and the work of the transition team of deputies and corporals, that has brought this program to Lincoln County.


Lauren K. (Lola) Jones, Executive Director

January 22, 2014

Dear Sheriff Dotson,
A friend and I were enjoying breakfast at the Otis Café on Sunday, January 12, just before noon.  While there, a young man came in, who appeared to be known to the Café's staff, wandered around and was given a cup of coffee.  He came in and out and, finally, sat down near a table of guests.  His demeanor was not threatening, but, as a former Lincoln County Mental Health Program Manager, I recognized the behaviors so often seen in my office.
A short time later, a young Sheriff's Department officer entered to talk with the young man.  That young officer was perfectly "right on" in his approach to the young man:  he kept his voice soft, assured the young man he was not in trouble, and simply asked him to step outside to talk with him, then quietly led the young man outside.  A very impressive approach to what might have escalated into a problem.  I just want to commend that officer on his very appropriate manner in this situation and to commend the LCSD on your training and/or selection of officers hired.
In addition, it pleased me greatly that the Otis Café staff acted in a loving, accepting and appropriate manner.  It appears they not only called the LCSD, but also and older man had been contacted who came to talk with the young man and the Sheriff's Deputy.  The young man ended up getting his bag of belongings, placing them in the older man's vehicle, and getting into the car with him.
A possibly volatile situation handled in an excellent and gentle manner.  Thank you for such a demonstration of caring, good training, and gentle handling of what could have been a "touchy" situation.  My years at LCMH taught me to believe in the professionalism of the LCSH, so it was very nice to see it in action.  My friend, who is not local, was ready to see the young man "man-handled" and let away in cuffs.  I assured him that would not happen here and he was very pleasantly surprised and impressed as well.
Good for all of you!! You reaffirmed my positive belief in how people can, and do, act when they care about the people within their local community.

September 10, 2013

In the early morning hours (1:30 a.m.) of August 16th, 2013, my daughter was involved in a single-car accident in the Salishan community. She had been driving on one of those narrow, twisting roads out on the spit, in the fog, and didn't negotiate an unexpected turn. Her car rolled and came to rest upside down; she got out and wandered disoriented and scared for over an hour before she found our home. She is very lucky to have escaped without serious injury, although the emotional trauma lingers.

My wife and I, responding to the scene when it was discovered several hours later, were very touched by the sensitivity and skill ofthe city and county first responders that had arrived on scene after the accident was called in by a passer-by. In particular, we are grateful to Fire Chief Joshua Williams of the Depoe Bay Fire District, and Patrol Deputy Bruce McGuire ofthe Lincoln County Sheriff's Office. Both men knew exactly what to do in that situation, and were quick to provide both technical skill and empathy in their response to a "near-miss." Although it was a most uncomfortable way to find it out, we have learned that the emergency response team of Lincoln County is first-rate, and we have confidence that should any of our family again face a similar situation on that part of the coast where the weather can be such a problem, the Lincoln County emergency responders will be up the task.

Please express our personal thanks to Chief Williams, Deputy McGuire and the entire team of EMTs arid other personnel that were there for this incident. Theirs was an impressive performance, and my family is deeply grateful. You have a fine organization.



September 6, 2013

Dear Sheriff Dotson,

Thank you for allowing me to ride along and observe with a deputy last Monday evening. I consider myself particularly fortunate to have ridden with Deputy David Boys. His extraordinary degree of professionalism, knowledge, and courtesy were apparent in all of the situations he encountered, and he went out of his way to educate me and answer any questions I had. I left the ride along admiring the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office very much.

Please convey my appreciation to Deputy Boys. Let him know that it is comforting to know that there are deputies out there of his caliber, ready to help me or my family should the need arise.



August 23, 2013

I am entering a plea of guilty but will not be available to be in court on the 16th of September. The officers that checked out my boat were really nice and chatted with us like we were old friends. This is a wonderful change. We were treated with respect and consideration.

I had totally forgot my floatation devices because my mind was on everything but them. There was our lunch, our clothes, our bait, the motor and battery. I admit I was in space.

When I got home yesterday I immediately changed the on board list of "have to haves." The floatation devices are now on board and will not be removed. When they are they will attached to
the motor until the next time we go fishing.

I also did not know about the whistle. The officers gave us one .... it is also in our safety bag on board.

That same day we had locked ourselves out of our vehicle. This same day was a search for a missing man on Olalla Lake. One of the Sheriff's officers was kind enough to open our truck door for us .... our keys were laying on the driver's seat.

So, I would like to thank the Lincoln County Sheriff's office for the service, the wake-up call and
overall attention to helping two fishermen having a bad day of fishing. We only caught two catfish in
four hours.

Thank you,


July 8, 2013

See letter from Tillamook County Sheriff for recognition of Deputy Eric Larson (See attachment below).

June 21, 2013

See Letter to the Editor in the Newport NewsTimes, June 21, 2013 for recognition of our Records Staff (See attachment below).

June 1, 2013

Dear Sheriff Dotson,

On May 31, 2013 at about 15:00 we had to call 911 to have her removed from our residence. She was out of control and a danger to herself and others, including us.

The first responding deputy was Jeremy Gautney.

I can not say enough about this young deputies' kindness, patience and even gentleness when he was eventually convinced that she needed to be handcuffed and taken to the hospital.

What really surprised us was that he followed up at about 19:30 with a phone call to us as reassurance that she was in good hands and stable.

Please let his peers know that this professional attitude is what they all should strive for. With law enforcement like Deputy Gautney, this community is in very good hands.

Thank you for listening.

May 10, 2013

Dear Sheriff Dotson,

Earlier today I spoke with Deputy Bruce McGuire concerning a potential issue. Deputy McGuire was very patient, considerate, compassionate, and professional-and spent a good bit of time talking to me, when I know he had many calls to attend to.

I cannot say enough good about the men & women of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Dept. who respond to calls of all kinds, at all hours, despite budget cuts. I am glad i live in Lincoln County, where we de have law enforcement/rescue /fire at all times.

Thanks again for all your good work.



April 26, 2013

Dear Sheriff Dotson,

Late Wednesday afternoon while mountain biking in the hills south of Newport, I became lost. Fortunately I was within cell phone reach, and called your office for help. Two of your deputies Adam Shanks and Gary Davey responded promptly and professionally. Dispatcher Tami was calm, professional and overly courteous to someone who deserved less after carelessly wandering off the trail. I was home safely within an hour of my initial call.

Thank you to everyone who assisted in my rescue. I am very grateful.



November 22, 2012

Sheriff Dotson,

I took the opportunity through your ride-along program to do a nighttime ride a few weeks ago with Deputy Hawley in the south part of the county.

I discerned a distinct difference between the situations faced by a Deputy at night vs day. To say that it was less than an interesting night would be an understatement. Certainly the ability to be able to use all of one's senses are diminished at night, decreasing the safety margin of the Deputy.

Deputy Hawley dealt with several issues that required a heightened understanding of one's capabilities. Deputy Hawley explained what situations were typically encountered and reinforced that his job was to assist the people of Lincoln County as best he could, including ensuring that those who needed to be dealt with was done so in a professional manner. He too~ the time to answer questions and explain the actions he took.

In the situations I saw, he exhibited accountability and empathy. It was a pleasure to spend the time period with him. I learned a lot. It was particularly of note that in both ride-along instances it was clear that the job was to assist and inform, not just issue 'tickets'. This goes along ways toward improving the relationships between the Sheriff's office and those living in the county and reduces costs to the county.

Such ride-along's are extremely informative to citizens within the county. I urge that at minimum, an effort be made to ensure that at least volunteer and full-time leaders of county utility and similar organizations take the time to do a ride-along. Understanding the role of the patrol organization, which I feel is undermanned for the size of the county and the issues facing both the Sheriff's Office and the county's citizens, is a vital asset to ensuring the welfare of all county organizations serving the public.

Please continue to offer the ride-along opportunity via your newsletter and website. As well you might consider offering a short introduction from time to time about how the remainder of the Sheriff's office, such as the investigation side, work.


October 5, 2012

Sheriff Dennis Dotson:

I would like to express my appreciation for the expeditious, courteous and efficient service recent provided by a couple of your deputies.

On the afternoon of September 28th, i sent an email to your department complaining about mail tampering at a residence in South Beach. Deputy Robert Jozwiak promptly responded and because i do not have a voice and cannot communicate by telephone, he help me with filing an on line complaint. As it was near the end of his shift, he passed my complaint to Deputy Abigail Dorsey who followed up with a meeting with the perpetrator that evening.

The following day i received an email from Deputy Dorsey detailing her contact and that she had custody of the tampered mail which is to be forwarded to me. It was deputy Dorsey's judgment that there was insufficient cause for arrest and, while i am not pleased that an unauthorized person opened and inspected my mail, i am satisfied with her judgment.

Too often we are quick to negatively respond to and about our public servants. I am gratified with the excellent service of these two deputies and they are to be commended. Also too bad that budgets being what they are these days, you are likely not able to provide anything more than a commendation for their files.

I hope the fine people of Lincoln County appreciate you and your fine staff.


July 9, 2012

Dear Lincoln County Deputies:

I want to start off by apologizing to each and everyone of you for my acting so immature during my stay at the Lincoln County Jail. This has been one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had in my life and I have seen a lot of life. I have been through hell and back and could never seem to get the rubber to meet the road. Thanks to my poor choices and the Lincoln County Deputies extreme understanding. I have not only worked through a lot of my personal and social issues, I have also gained a deep respect for all of you who wear your badge and do your job with honor. I hope to one day contribute to your facility in a positive way, (meaning I wish to give back what you all have given me).

Thank you,


June 30, 2012

Sheriff Dotson,

This letter is to thank you and Deputy Bruster for the opportunity to do a daytime ride along on the 26th of June in the south part of the county.

Spending the majority of the workday with Deputy Bruster (I opted out of the report writing time at the day's end) was very interesting. I sense it was a less than average day relative to the standard level of day activity a Deputy is generally involved in, that is, it was a pretty quiet day!

Nevertheless, we discussed the concept of the Neighborhood Watch program, which apparently does not enjoy great use in Lincoln County. It was good to learn a little about the Waldport Volunteer Patrol program too.

As Chair of the Board of Commissioners for the SW Lincoln County Water District (SWLCWD) I was particularly interested in what kind of formal Utility Watch program existed that brought the various.(s utilities together. I was a little disappointed that there is not such a program in the county.

I was very impressed with Deputy Bruster's ability to deal with a variety of what I would term domestic people situations. I found him to be a good listener and understanding of the individual's concerns. It was clear that there was a high level of respect for he and others on the Sheriff's staff. He also took ownership of a situation, showing a high level of accountability and empathy. I found Deputy Bruster exhibited many of the key dimensions of leadership that I felt would be required for someone in that position and it was a pleasure to spent the day with him. I learned a lot and I thank all of you.

The large area covered by a single Deputy was a bit of a surprise. It is obvious that there are long periods during which some roads and homes may not be surveyed. And I understand the reasons, needfully focusing on where the problems are or have been. I was even able to see a couple areas within the SWLCWD that I had not visited (a surprise, I thought I had seen most all).

Serving civil notices took an amount of time. I would have thought that someone else out of the office would have done this, someone deputized but perhaps not a full-time Deputy. Seemed improper to pull a patrol deputy away from more important duties.

Deputy Bruster and I also discussed both natural and unnatural caused disruptions and the perhaps difficult effort to access parts of the south county. We talked specifically about the SWLCWD. The district provides water to all residents and businesses between Waldport and Yachats, close to some 1400 water services. There are two treatment plants, several large water storage tanks, some settling basins, miles of pipeline and exposed areas from where Olff water is drawn. In some cases, access is through locked gates or wire fences. Most of the latter facilities are on Forest Service land. As you may guess, access to these for the wrong reasons would not be difficult to achieve. Deputy Bruster expressed that he should really know where these are such that if necessary he or a successor can check them from time to time. I agree. At a time when you can designate whoever is best suited to visit these facilities, please contact me and I'll have the office set a plan up. It would take a few hours to visit all. The one thing to keep in mind is that In the event of any disaster, one can exist a long time without a food source, but not without clean safe water. We are also in the midst of construction of a new shop/office building at our water storage and treatment plant on Blodgett Road. Our intent is that the facility could also serve as an emergency shelter and a site to store emergency supplies. To that extent we will be working with the new county Emergency Services Director.

Last. but not least, I am asking for the opportunity to also do a ride along on the later 5 PM to 3 AM shift. which Deputy Bruster suggested would normally present a somewhat different aspect of a typical working day. I was very surprised to find that the time from 3AM to 7 AM was covered by an 'on-call' response vs perhaps one Deputy on duty patrolling the county.

Thank you again for the ride along opportunity,


June 15, 2012

Dear Sheriff Dotson:

I'm writing to you to commend: Laura Ireland; Sue Giles Green; Lisa Field; Jon Hoiland; Brandi Richmond; Charles Stowell; and Sara Wynveen for the exceptional job they do at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter.

I am impressed by the deep level of caring and commitment that each and every one of them gives to their work. Each and every team member goes out of their way to make life better for the animals at the shelter. They frequently deal with difficult/negative peoplefrom the community and still remain professional and courteous. That is nearly impossible to maintain daily - but somehow they rise to the occasion and get it done.

It is clear to me that they all love and care for each and every animal. The animals clearly love them in return. I often see an animal visibly brighten when one of the staff members comes into view. The staff goes the extra mile throughout the day to problem solve and create work-a-rounds for seemingly unsolvable problems. They are creative, resourceful, and very hard working individuals who clearly love what they're doing.

I feel very lucky to volunteer a few hours a week at the Shelter with such exceptional folks. I hope you're very proud of this outstanding group and what they're giving back to our community.



April 26, 2012

Dear Deputy Bruster,

Thank you for following up on the possible gunshots at our rental property in Surfland yesterday. I very much appreciate your "customer service" attitude and yoru communications with me.

Stay safe,


January 6, 2012

Lt Russell,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Deputy Willard for a Job Well Done this past week. 

Because of many different law and form changes that were set to occur on 01/01/12, I contacted the jail staff during the week of 12/25/11 to ensure that various new and/or updated forms were in place and accessible to the various department members that utilize the corrections facility on a daily basis.  Without hesitation, Deputy Willard stepped up and took responsibility for this task and even went as far as organizing the small report writing room in the booking area used by visiting officers and the Intoxilyzer room so that both areas were best prepared for the anticipated onslaught of business that your facility receives during the New Years’ holiday.  By doing this, she not only assisted your agency, but also the officers from the different departments to best utilize their time and have the proper forms in place for the new year. 

As always, Deputy Willard presents herself in a professional manner and is a credit to your organization.   Please pass on my thanks and a “Job Well Done!”

Tom Simpson, Sergeant

Newport Police Department


November 16, 2011

Dear Sheriff Dotson:

I would like to express on record my admiration for the performance of TWO of your officers Abby Dorsey, and Sgt Brian Cameron, during a rather terrifying incident in Waldport yesterday They did You and your Department great credit. All of them unhesitatingly put their own safety on the line to secure ours, the Community's, and they even went to elaborate lengths to ensure that a volatile ,armed, and seemingly paranoiac perpetrator came to no harm either.

MY stepson was endeavoring to recover his possessions valued at about $5000 from his landlord who, apparently, had started to act towards him and his preteen boys in an unpredictable and increasingly threatening manner.

Officer Abby Dorsey arrived. She was miraculously calm and intelligent .Patient too. She finally got through to the accused's cell phone. She must have talked to him for 40 minutes, it seemed like a lifetime. She was significantly firm, but managed to lead him out from a state of hyperventilating angst to the reality that she HAD to intervene because to threaten people with a gun was a crime She finally even got him to agree to meet her and her two colleagues face to face .She wisely insisted on being able to have the blinds of his room open and to have a clear view of his hands. She managed all this by an unrelenting application of will, not by making any statement that was untrue, or by creating any cozy notion that he would not be held accountable for his actions. It was deeply impressive to watch. In the end her persistence paid off, the accused surrendered. No one got hurt. A huge achievement, given the possibility of a horror show. What Dorsey did required courage and considerable cool. There was also I felt an entirely appropriate compassion for the suffering of the accused. To have the ability to juggle all these dangerous balls in the air, while at the same time keeping the human element up front and center is the mark of a master.

I thought that Sgt Cameron also deserves commendation. He was instantly supportive of Dorsey. When I told him that I intended to write this he said I should because "She was the tops at this kind of situation " .. He not only participated fully in successful efforts to subdue the accused (he may indeed have led them), but he like any good boss seemed generous and non competitive with his colleague. He also explained our options for the recovery of Erik's property with admirable clarity. We followed them to the letter. Apart from his obvious smarts he is clearly a thoroughly decent person. I make no claim to know the realities of how the perpetrator may have arrived at his current crisis, so I won't speculate on them specifically.

But what I have observed in a general way, is that the military endeavors that we have resorted to in recent years have left the Police with the unenviable task of protecting us from hurting, distraught human beings who were trained to kill, and who more often than not seem to be medicated to the gills and armed to the teeth.

I am no Constitutional Scholar but one has to doubt that the Founding Fathers had this foreseen this particular peril, when adding the Right to Bear Arms clause to the to the Bill of Rights. What a job you all have. Sooner you than me.

But thank you all for doing it, and in this case doing it with SUCH a degree of wisdom, constraint and



October 28, 2011

Deputy Vertner:

On October 27,2011 I received a phone call from Tilynn Wilson wishing to file a commendation
for you. Mrs. Wislon said that you assisted her mother with a domestic violence situation and
that your conduct exceeded her and her family's expectations. She told me that her family was
apprehensive of police, but after their contact with you that has changed. She said you were
warm, comforting and showed genuine concern for her mother. Mrs. Wislon said that a week
later you returned to her home in Otis with a civil divorce process and followed up with her
mother to see how she was doing.

Thank you Karl and keep up the good work!

Sgt. Mark Meister

October 11, 2011

I would like to commend Deputy Bruster for his professionalism and friendship. He was very friendly and very informative while on a ride-a-long. I learned a lot of what an officer has to put up with in the community. I know a guest on patrol can be a nuisance, but also informative for the citizen. I would be honored to ride along again.


September 20, 2011

Dear Sheriff Dotson,

We've cared for my seventy year old bi-polar brother-in-law in our home for the past seventeen years and from time to time, usually at this time of year, he escalates into a manic state in which he becomes quite difficult to manage. This is one of those years and he'd become quite a handful, irritable in the daytime, not sleeping nights and abruptly short tempered. Usually this state of mind continues until he eventually needs to be hospitalized for a few weeks until an entirely new regimen of medication effectively brings him back to some semblance of normalcy.

This letter is written to commend your officers Cox and Etheridge whose professional handling of him at the old Waldport middle school last Saturday evening, September 10th, effected a very positive change of mind and attitude which is sustained to this time.

Officers dealing with mentally ill persons are sometimes faced with difficult situations which if not handled properly often spin up into violent confrontation and those are the only stories we see in the press. Less sensational and desirable to the media are such stories as this which demonstrate the real character and value of officers such as these men.

Respectfully and with great appreciation,


September 9, 2011

I would like to thank you for your agencies assistance with the search warrant on Circus World Pets yesterday.  It was a very complex situation to impound the wide variety of animals at the pet store and your two deputies, Kerri Tyler and Irene Bailey, were a great assistance with this process.  Dep. Tyler and Bailey should be commended for their hard work and professionalism with the crating and removal of the animals from the business.  Without their assistance our job would have been much more difficult and time consuming.  Thank you again for your help.

Allen Zaugg, Animal Abuse Investigator, Oregon Humane Society

September 4, 2011

Sheriff Dotson,

We want to thank you and the entire Sheriff's Office for your support of Devils Lake Revival at Regatta Ground Saturday, August 27. We appreciate your help in getting the marine board permit and are especially thankful for the safety boat and presence at the event.

Thank you!


August 11, 2011

Dear Sheriff Dotson:

We can't begin to tell you how "grateful" we are to have had the Jail Crew come out to Eureka Cemetery and do some much needed work. We have been short staffed for years and have had large projects to be done, and your staff and help were extremely valuable to us at Eureka Cemetery. We are an association, and are non-profit, so some labor is beyond us and not in our budget. We are so thankful for the expertise of your staff like, Steve Frey, who was knowledgeable in the removal of a large native tree that had died, and other tree removal also. He not only supervises the crew, he leads and encourages the crew toward excelling in the quality of work that was expected when serving the public. The crew was polite, responsive and skilled in performing their duties.

We are grateful for the work of Timothy Evertt in coordinating the times and activities to be performed. We are hoping more opportunities will be available to Eureka in the coming months. We have continual needs and there is always work that is waiting.

Thanks again to you and your capable staff to help us in our time of need, both now and in the future, we look forward to hearing from you again when the time can be arranged for you to return. Your friends and neighbors at Eureka Cemetery, this is our community Cemetery of Newport, Oregon.

Gary and Paul Wenell, Former Managers of Eureka Cemetery


July 5, 2011

Dear Sheriff Dotson:

In 2010 Deputy Frey did a presentation with a prison inmate for my son's Newport High School class. Deputy Frey was astute enough to notice that my son was depressed and alerted the school that he needed some attention. He may have saved my son's life. Because of his intervention Jordan was able to let myself and the school know the depth of his depression and anxiety. My son has received support from the school counselors and his teachers, we were able to put him on a different medication and today he is doing very well.

I was able to meet and thank Deputy Frey in person in June of 2011 when he presented for our students at Angell Job Corps. His presentation is moving and I can understand now why my son felt safe enough to show his vulnerability in this setting.

Deputy Frey creates a space in which the students and the inmate can be authentic and therefore talk about real issues in a real way. Many of our students are high risk and some have pretty short attention spans and they were captivated and impressed. Witnessing the dynamics between Deputy Frey and the inmate gave many students an opportunity to experience the supportive and encouraging side of law enforcement. The cuffs and the jumpsuit and a fully uniformed Deputy in charge demonstrated to the students first hand the reality of "quick fix" thinking versus hard work, patience and pride. This is a very effective approach to prevention.

Thank you so much for making this possible. This is a worthwhile project and has the potential to touch hundreds of more lives. The students that did not get to see his presentation are anxiously awaiting his return.

Michelle McCoy, MSW, CACI

July 1, 2011

Dear Sheriff Dotson:

With the conclusion of the 2011 Portland Rose Festival FleetWeek, I would like to thank your agency for assisting us in successfully establishing and maintaining the Naval Vessel Protection and Security Zones on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. A key reason for this year's success was the professionalism and response of the many State and County Law Enforcement Officers protecting the nine ships of the U.S. Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and Army Corps of Engineers. Law Enforcement Officers assigned were both highly visible and courteous in every interaction with recreational or commercial maritime traffic. This year's Fleet Week security ran very smoothly, in no small measure due to the dedication and skill of the superb team of County and State staff assigned to this demanding task.

In particular, I would like to recognize your following personnel who participated in enforcing
the Naval Vessel Protection and Security Zones throughout Fleet Week:

Dep. Rick Ballentine
Dep. Bruce McGuire

In witnessing the performance of your people, it is clear you have a fme organization. Thank
you, and please pass on a Coast Guard "BRAVO ZULU" to your Officer(s) named above for a
jo b exceptionally well done.

Captain, ,U. S. Coast Guard
Commanding Officer, MSU Portland

June 29, 2011

Dear Sheriff Dotson:

As a member of CERT in Newport, I attended a special meeting last night at the Gleneden Beach Fire Hall sponsored by Depoe Bay CERT. The program was on Crowd Control, in anticipation of the upcoming 4th of July Parade to be held in Gleneden Beach.

The program was presented by LCSO Deputy David Hawley. Besides talking about crowds present at community events, Deputy Hawley also talked about dealing with groups of people in emergency settings such as an earthquakes or tsunamis. He had a very informative and easy to understand power point program, and we then formed three groups to see how we would respond to problem spectators watching the parade. He then talked about taking this knowledge and applying it to possible panic or riot situations in the event of a disaster. Many times when a program is being presented to people who are unfamiliar with the topic, the speaker tends to present the information at a level that is difficult for the unknowing to understand. Deputy Hawley spoke plainly, used many visual effects in his power point, and was able to impart this important information to everyone. He answered all questions with courtesy and interest.

As a Newport Police Volunteer I find any information beneficial and helpful in dealing with the public as we need to do for various public events and emergency situations. I would like to commend Deputy Hawley on the excellent job he did. As emergency preparedness is always important to a community, and especially in the Lincoln County coastal communities, I hope you encourage and support Deputy Hawley in continuing his being part of this program. He is truly an asset to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and Lincoln County.


Barbara, Newport Police Volunteers Association

June 1, 2011

To the staff here at the Lincoln County Jail,

I personally wanted to write you all and thank each and every one of you for helping me through my stay here. It was the compassion and understanding that was relieved by the staff, that really helped me through. You showed me that you can all do your jobs correctly, without treating me or the other inmates poorly. And that really means a lot to me. Every where else it has never been like this.

The food was great. The staff was awesome, and I was treated with dignity and respect while I was here. You all have no idea how much that means to me. I would also like to give special thanks to deputies Bell and Gassner for exceeding all of these qualities and more. While I was here I looked forward to seeing both of you because you always managed to lift my spirits no matter what mood I was in. And I wanted to thank you for that.

You all have made such a difference in my life and I hope a simple thank you will suffice.



April 9, 2011

Dear Sheriff Dotson,

The FBI would like to take this opportunity to commend Sergeant Adam Shanks of your patrol division for his outstanding work in the apprehension of a serial bank robber wanted by the FBI in Oregon.

On the evening of February 27, 2011 while on routine patrol, Sgt. Shanks contacted Van Eaton Jr. in a campground at Seal Rock, OR and arrested him without incident based on an indictment charging Van Eaton Jr. with the April 22, 2008 robbery of Sterling Savings Bank in Astoria, OR. The Suspect is also responsible for the November 13, 2009 robbery of the Umpqua Bank in Newport, OR, the October 2 , 2010 robbery of the Wells Fargo Bank in Astoria, OR, and the December 11, 2010 robbery of the Wells Fargo Bank in Lincoln City, OR. In each of these robberies, he displayed a semi-automatic pistol and threatened to kill the tellers if they resisted.

Sergeant Shanks should be commended for taking a dangerous felon off the streets of our community. The FBI looks forward to continuing cooperation with your agency.


Arthur Balizan, Special Agent in Charge

March 30, 2011

Lance (Dep. Cummings),

I cannot tell you thank you enough for doing the brief self-defense class for the girls and women of the Teen Girls Day Retreat. You were really awesome, especially after being caught off guard by the amount of people. Truly amazing. So many girls loved your class the most and I rather enjoyed it.

Thank you,



March 29, 2011

Letter from Siletz Postmaster regarding our Inmate Work Crew (See attachment below).

Letter From Siletz Postmaster


March 9, 2011

Deputy Etheridge,

I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for your helping my mom, last Saturday. I could imagine you telling me that you were just doing your job and I am very thankful that you were there, but, you went beyond that. My mom described you as caring and compassionate in a difficult situation.

I just want you to know that I deeply appreciate what you did.

Thank you,


March 3, 2011

Please see attached letter from Lincoln City Police Chief Steven Bechard regarding the Officer Dodd's shooting incident.

Letter from Chief Bechard


February 15, 2011

Lincoln County Jail
Attn: Corporal Tim Evertt
225 W. Olive St.
Newport, OR 97365

Corporal Evertt:

At the last meeting of our Siletz Valley Friends of the Library, the Board members praised the work of the Lincoln County Sheriffs Office inmate work crew. The grounds at the Siletz Public Library are looking beautiful thanks to the landscape upkeep efforts.

Deputies Steve Frey and Steve Brandt along with their crew of three to four workers came on several days in December to help. The crew weeded the library grounds and spread mulch in spite of rain, wind and cold. The results are heartening to the all-volunteer "Weekly Weeder" group that tries to stay ahead of the weeds but isn't
always successful.

Town members and library patrons are still commenting on the great work done by the inmate crew. Our early spring bulbs are starting to poke up through the mulch which provides a good background for the flowers. Please convey our thanks to all who helped mal(e this happen. These efforts have helped our community and especially our Siletz Public Library.


Sunshine Keck, Secretary On behalf of the Board of the Siletz Valley Friends of the Library



December 9, 2010

Sheriff Dotson:

I am writing to commend two of your patrol deputies, Deputy Derek Etheridge and Deputy Clifton Cox, on the fine work that they did on this case.

On February 27,2010, Deputy Etheridge responded to a call that turned out to be the heroin overdose death of a 21 year-old. Deputy Etheridge took the initiative to began an investigation into the source of heroin. At shift change, Deputy Cox got involved and the two of them continued to tirelessly work the case.

Many officers would have written this case off as "just another overdose," but your deputies were able to put together a case that ultimately lead to John Michael Cadwell pleading guilty to Criminally Negligent Homicide. Cadwell was given an upward departure sentence to 48 months in prison. It is clear that Cadwell choose to plea, in part, because the investigation was so thorough that he did not have any factual wiggle room on which to mount a defense.

Deputies Etheridge and Cox where able to build a case to prove that Cadwell not only supplied the heroin, but that he had actually injected the victim with the fatal dose. They were also able to show that Cadwell and two associates went to Portland specifically to buy heroin that they knew to be exceptionally potent and to bring it back to distribute in Lincoln County. Their investigation also set the foundation for eventual charges against one of the associates.

The investigation was of such a quality that my office was able convince the United States Department of Justice to open a file on the matter in order to create some additional incentive for Cadwell to plea to the State's case_ Under the federal "Len Bias" law, Cadwell was facing a minimum sentence of true life.

Deputies Etheridge and Cox went above and beyond in this case and on behalf of myself, and the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office, I would like to express a sincere thank you.

If you have any further questions about the work that your deputies did, please feel free to contact me.


Elijah C. Michalowski, Deputy District Attorney

December 2, 2010

To the members of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office:

My name is Alissa and I am writing to you to express my gratitude for your involvement in capturing and arresting the individual responsible for the recent bomb plot in Portland. My husband and I are residents of Washington and were vacationing in Portland for Thanksgiving. We were at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony on November 26. We felt a mix of emotions when we arrived in our hotel room after the ceremony and learned of the plotted terrorist attack. We were both frightened and relieved. I get chills just thinking about it. We realized immediately that we were lucky to be alive and that is due to your heroism and bravery. Thank you for your service to your community and county. We are direct beneficiaries of this service and owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to you. We. along with our families, are deeply appreciative for all that you did to thwart the attach and spare the lives of so many people, including ours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



November 10, 2010

Dear Sheriff Dennis Dotson:

This letter is to express our profound gratitude and appreciation for the work done by your department on October 28. As you might imagine, the incident here at the park was very scary; the professional and caring efforts of all those concerned made a very difficult situation much easier to handle.

We are also particularly grateful that everyone was so patient and so intent on resolving the situation without harming the obviously sick young man. Despite all the tension involved, every person from your department who contact either of us did so in a calm and sympathetic manner and were diligent about keeping us informed. In particular, we want to thank Deputy Abby Dorsey who had the unenviable job of trying to keep him on the phone and still took the time to update on the conclusion.

We have nothing but praise for your department; the citizens of Lincoln County are fortunate to have such a responsive and profession team protecting us.

Neil and Gillian

August 23, 2010

Dear Sheriff Dennis Dotson:

The Oregon Coast Learning Institute was unanimous in their praise for the jail tour last Tuesday. The words ‘professional’ and ‘exceptional’ kept coming up over and over. The facility was immaculate, the technology overpowering, and the staff was gracious and informative. Sheriff Dotson was at the top of his game, the video was a fantastic addition, and the tour guides were flat-out fantastic. Special thanks to Tim, LT Russell, Tom, the Sheriff, Judge Sanders, and the booking staff for putting up with us. I cannot express too strongly that this was a powerful experience for these people and fundamentally changed their perception of your agency.

Thanks again for making this time for us.


September 7, 2010


I wanted to express my thanks for the professionalism and assistance which Deputy Sorby offered to my daughter when she was here on the Coast visiting over the 4th of July holiday.

My Daughter lives in Eugene with her Husband, who is from England, and their three children. While they were on the beach in Newport, friends of hers began phoning her cell phone and telling her that they received an e-mail from my Daughters e-mail address that my Daughter had been mugged while she was visiting family in London, that she was stranded, and needed $2500 for plane fare and other items so she could be reunited with family.

On close examination the e-mail address given by the criminals had one added letter, so anyone simply hitting "reply" would be put in contact with the fictitious but extremely close and difficult to spot as fraudulent, e-mail address and would believe they were communicating with my Daughter.

These crooks contacted everyone in her e-mail address book, most of which live in Lane County, and/or Eugene. I also was contacted by e-mail and became involved in this scam too.

The e-mail went on to give instructions for e-mailing her back in London, and then if a person did that, they were instructed to send the money via Western Union to a specific location.

My son-in-law said that location was an "Internet Cafe" in a bad part of the city.

Well, at my suggestion she called the State Police, and was instructed to phone the local jurisdiction.??? Now --- She lives in Eugene, I live out by Siletz where she and her family were staying, she heard about it while in Newport while playing on the Ny Beach, the money was going to England, and the majority of the persons contacted via e-mail live in Lane County.

Finally we called the Sheriff's Office and Deputy Sorby re-contacted my Daughter right away

He took a report and advised her of very valuable information including hot to contact Western Union security, and I believe Interpol to file a report regarding an international crime, etc.

Long story made shorter, My Daughter was able to contact Western Union and they put an immediate stop on any money sent to the "Internet Cafe" location in London, as well as contacting the local police.

NONE, of my Daughter's friends lost money, even though I believe a couple sent an e-mailback and then did send money.

I wanted to thank you for the professionalism your Department exhibited in the performance of it's duty.

When my Daughter decided t contact the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, I am embarrassed to say that I was very frustrated and that I expected the same rhetoric which My Daughter received from other Law Enforcement Agencies, "Contact the Local Jurisdiction". However Deputy Sorby provided quick contact, useful information, and made my Daughter and Son-inlaw feel as though they were provided with assistance and service by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, event though they live in another County.

"AT-A-BOY" to Deputy Sorby, and to you Lieutenant, your officers doing a good job make you and the Sheriff look good.



August 23, 2010

Dear Sheriff Dennis Dotson:

Officer Cameron went out of his way to resolve an ongoing issue in Otter Rock. He responded professionally, quickly and thoroughly and his diligent follow up led to the solution. We highly commend him for his actions as he was patient and sympathetic to our communities needs.

Kudos go directly to her because of her calm demeanor and her willingness to answer questions about the search, some of the behind-the-scenes work, and what the next steps were likely to be.

Thank you officer Cameron


August 12, 2010

Dear Sheriff Dennis Dotson:

I am a grand-uncle of the 5-year old who was successfully recovered over 1/2 a mile north of the campsite he disappeared from. My wife and I arrived at the park, from Seattle, early Thursday morning. my sister and I discussed the search in very general terms with Dixie several times.

Dixie was considerable reassurance to us in this tumultuous time. I realize that she represented many others there in the park and elsewhere, all to whom we are equally grateful.

Kudos go directly to her because of her calm demeanor and her willingness to answer questions about the search, some of the behind-the-scenes work, and what the next steps were likely to be.

Sheriff, we truest you will accept this letter as our sincere thanks to Dixie and the many others there for a job well done, and pass it on to others so deserving. Though I was anxious to go out and search for my grand-nephew myself, she was reassurance that the OSP, the Lane and Lincoln County SAR teams, and the firefighters searching, were doing their jobs.



July 19, 2010

Dear Sheriff:

My personal thanks and the thanks of the 4th of July Parade Committee for your good work.

The event was well attended and safe for the people, which was significantly a result of your presence.

Thank you both again.



June 22, 2010

Dear Sheriff:

I am writing to thank you for sending a very professional deputy to my home yesterday.

He is a credit to your sheriff's office and I appreciate the way he handled the situation.

My sincere regards to your deputy.



June 7, 2010

Dear Trish:

I just read the Newstimes article about your part in connecting Joel Courtney to the Brooke Wilberger case. I am sure that without your instinct and follow through and perseverance neither the family nor the community would have the closure that we all needed, that you provided. Clearly, Courtney would never have been held accountable for Brooke's murder. Most importantly, I know the family would never have had their daughter's body back to respectfully bury.

I wish to congratulate you on a job so well done. Through the years you have always been the standout in the high profile cases and to my knowledge the thousand of lesser-known cases. Always with grace and genuine caring for the bereaved.

I am proud for you that your good work has been publicly acknowledged, and to say again how loved and respected you are by community reputation through all of your many achievements. Lincoln County has been well served through your years of selfless service.

Best regards


May 17, 2010

Dear Sheriff Dotson

I take pleasure in commending Deputy Sorby of your Department on the excellent way in which he handled a theft report in which I am the victim.

On May 11, 2010 I reported the theft to Deputy Sorby who took a theft report. I would like to commend Deputy Sorby on the professionalism and understanding Deputy Sorby exhibited during his investigation. Deputy Sorby has done more than I expected and has kept me updated on the progress of his investigation. I feel fortunate that Deputy Sorby is handling this case and I'm sure he will do everything possible in seeing that it comes to a successful conclusion.

Deputy Sorby is not only a credit to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office but also to the citizens of Lincoln County. As Sheriff you can be proud of the manner in which Deputy Sorby represents you and the Sheriff's Office



May 10, 2010

Lt. Jamie Russell

I just wanted to write a letter and thank the jail division for being so personable and understanding. A loved one of mine is in custody with you all and I have never had to deal with the jail system before. From initial booking to learning the visitation system and getting my questions answered on how to do things, each deputy and receptionist has been genuinely sincere, friendly, understanding and helpful.

My expectation of how jail deputies would treat me was exactly opposite of what I experience each time I visit or ask questions. So thank you very much for making this difficult experience much more positive than I ever imagined it could be.


April 1, 2010

Deputy Vertner volunteer's his time to help coach the Taft High School girls softball team. My daughter is on the team. He has been a great asset to the team! He not only is a great coach, but a great roll model as well.

As parents we very much appreciate the time he spends helping our daughter become better at softball. Many of the things he teaches will go beyond softball, like physical fitness.

Aaron and Janice

March 24, 2010

Sheriff Dotson

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the members of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office for all the help provided for the homicide investigation here in Lincoln City.

Detective Quentin Bendel and the members of your patrol staff provided much needed assistance to our agency during the critical hours immediately following this crime. Quentin was the consummate professional, lending his expertise in whatever assignment that needed attention.

The tremendous support and professional expertise you and the members of your Department provided our investigators were key to resolving this crime. It always gives such a great satisfaction to know that our law enforcement teams are able to work so well together.

Your leadership and the confidence of your team members are a great contribution to our efforts. We appreciate all that you and the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office provide for us.

Please tell your team, well done and thank you.

Lt. Jerry Palmer
Lincoln City Police

March 24, 2010


I would like to take the time to thank Dep. Hughes for the work he did in assisting me getting a wanted subject into custody. Deputy Hughes knew the suspect in question.. Deputy Hughes went above and beyond and took the time out of his day to go out and check the address in question. Deputy Hughes took the extra step and contacted your jail who confirmed that the suspect had been lodged. Deputy Hughes then called me back to notify me of what he found. While this may seem routine I don't feel that it was. Deputy Hughes did more than I could have hoped and really helped me by clearing out one of my difficult cases. Thank you very much Deputy Hughes and the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office for your great help in this matter.


Dep. Aaron Altstadt
Washington County Sheriff's Office

February 16, 2010

Hey this is Cheryl, Mystique's (aka: Bashful's) mommy.

We have had a GREAT last 3 days! She is the most cuddly, sweet, playful little girl. She loves to have her little belly rubbed and has been enjoying tv, especially the Olympics (Luge a fav). She even has great manners! Told me thank you last nite for her wet kitty food, she gets a little bit at 6:45 every nite. (yes she is talking, kind of peeping actually).

Everything is going great and I will have some pics to you all soon. Thank you for doing such a great job raising her this far. I truly have a great companion. She is well loved..talk to you soon.

Thank again,


January 14, 2010

When I started to come to this jail I hated everyone and everything in this world. I thought the world owed me something because of my bad childhood, and if it was not given to me I would take what I thought was to be given.

I had my first positive role models, guards of Lincoln County Jail, yes COPS! You have helped raise me you did not give up on me and for that I thank you.

I found a true love for life and all those in it. I say again thank you all for all little talks that gave me self respect and self esteem. I will miss all of you.

Thank you all,


January 21, 2010

Deputy Shanks

I want to thank you for coming to my house last night and ensuring all was AOK. Your kind words and assistance was much appreciated.

Anyway, just a thank you. You all need more thanks from those of us you are putting your life out there to protect.

Blessings and have a wonderful day,


December 21, 2009

On Thursday morning, December 17, 2009, our officers were suddenly confronted with an armed suicidal subject in South Beach. The subsequent stand-off lasted for over an hour when the situation was successfully resolved.

At the time of the officers' radio call advising of the situation, Deputies Bruce McGuire, Rick Ballentine, and Sergeant Brian Cameron, self dispatched and immediately responded. The took up cover and containment positions.

The on-scene supervisor commends "all of the responding officers for their professional tactical response and cooperation in helping resolve the incident without harm to anyone." I was also on-scene and was quite aware that this situation required more personnel. I was very gratified that members of the Sheriff's Office responded quickly and took up roles that helped keep everyone safe.


Chief Mark Miranda, Newport Police Department

November 14, 2009

Sheriff Dotson,

From the initial call to the completion of the investigation many members of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office were instrumental in bringing the suspect into custody to face charges in Polk County. I would like to specifically thank Det. Trish Miller, Sgt. Mark Meister, Deputy Sorby, Deputy Boys, Deputy Dorsey and Deputy Davey for their help in this investigation and bringing this case to its positive conclusion.

I could tell by the actions of your employees that they deeply cared about capturing (the suspect). There were several occasions where I asked for help with this case and I was immediately given what ever I needed by your Deputies. It was truly a team effort that stretched across several different agencies.

The suspect was sentenced to 10 years and 4 months in prison for the charges. Without the effort that was put forth by your agency this outcome would not have been possible.

Thank you,

Sgt. Mark Garton
Polk County Sheriff's Office

November 10, 2009

Dear Dennis,

Thank you for providing Deputy Barry Bruster to give a presentation to my group of dedicated AARP Driver Safety Program instructors. GOOD CHOICE!

Deputy Bruster was well equipped and prepared to present a well received presentation on some of the newer DMV laws and passed out some of the newer brochures on driver safety. My group really appreciated the time and effort that he gave.


Don Ashley, District Coordinator
AARP Oregon

November 4, 2009

To Whom it may concern,

Recently, while serving my sentence at the Lincoln County Jail facility, I witnessed an overwhelming performance by the Lincoln County Jail staff.

I was treated with due respect as a new inmate and was afforded all the rights and privileges of a human being in custody.

I could hear their processing procedures and heard nothing but positive responses toward their incarceration experience. I did hear an inmate appear to be moaning.

A female deputy, (deputy Willard) stepped forward with compassion. I heard a cell door open and she talked and spoke comforting words to the individual. I heard the deputy words of encouragement. Her partner also did his best to calm the individual. Deputy Willard stayed with it a good 30 minutes until the individual apparently fell asleep.

My thanks to all of the jail staff, especially deputy Willard

October 30, 2009

Dear Sheriff Dotson:

The Polk County Sheriff's Office would like to express our appreciation to the Lincoln County Search and Rescue members who volunteered their time, equipment and expertise in assisting us in a search for on October 3rd - 10th, 2009 in Polk County.

We would like to thank Sgt. Jozwiak for quickly notifying us, as well as assisting with the search. We would like to acknowledge Deputy McGuire for assisting in providing us with resources to aid in the search. We would also like to extend special thanks to Deputy Davey. Deputy Davey provided assistance in the command trailer as well as in the field. Deputy Davey's assistance from beginning to end was invaluable.

Lincoln County has been quick to assist our office when we have requested and the two Search and Rescue teams work well together.


Bob Wolfe

October 29, 2009

Sheriff Dotson:

On behalf of the Lincoln Interagency Narcotic Team, I wanted to express my appreciation of corrections Sergeant Tom Graham, and the valued assistance he provides to the Lincoln Interagency Narcotics Team (LINT).

Sgt. Graham has gone above and beyond what would be expected. Through Sgt. Graham's dedication and diligence, it has led to successful prosecution against person involved in unlawful possession and delivery on controlled substances.

His dedication and loyalty to your Sheriff's Office, his law enforcement partners, and the citizens he serves in Lincoln County is commendable and should not go without notice. Please express our gratitude to this fine officer for his assistance.


Kelly Collins
Lieutenant, LINT Supervisor, Oregon State Police Newport Area Command

October 6, 2009

Dear Sheriff Dotson:

I wanted to thank and compliment you and your staff for the assistance provided which helped make this a successful settlement conference. The security deputies were very professional and helpful while maintaining an appropriate high level of security.

I want to particularly acknowledge Lt. Jamie Russell and Deputies Steve Bruce and Jim Rolfe. I appreciate the professionalism and initiative of Lt. Russell and the Deputies in arranging and completing the transfer in a fashion which represented a commitment above and beyond the normal call of duty. This reflects very positively on both you and your department and is a compliment to you personally as well.


Charles E. Luukinen
Circuit Judge

October 4, 2009

Hello Lieutenant Russell,

I wanted to write a brief note to thank you and your staff for your courtesies and professionalism in both administering and in facility the successful resolution last week. It was a stressful and emotional time for everyone involved. We appreciate your hard work and your many courtesies.

Mark, Ken and defense team

September 21, 2009


Not to long ago I had the occasion to seek help from Deputy Sites once by phone and the other time he responded to my house and found a person who had broken into my car. The first time on the phone he offered me some very valuable info that helped a lot. When he came out and found the person in my car his response time was excellent and he was very professional. I feel he is a real attribute to Lincoln County law enforcement team.

Thank you, Marian

August 22, 2009

Deputy Etheridge was very professional and helpful when he came to my door. He got the information that he needed in a very professional and calming manner. Thank you for making this terrible day a bit easier for me. I am very thankful that you are part of the Sheriff's Office.


August 22, 2009

Officer Dorsey was able to provide a win-win situation without confrontation of further issues. Officer Dorsey is highly respected in south county and a great representative for the Sheriff's department and even though this may not be a "big deal", to me her effort and ability to be a problem solver is most commendable and highly important to all citizens of Lincoln County.


August 14, 2009

Lincoln County Sheriff Dennis Dotson

This is a thank you letter. Animal control Officer Kerri Tyler exceeded any of my expectations in helping me yesterday. I wish to commend her thoughtfulness and for her doing much more for me than the job required.

Please extend my personal thank you and let the department know what a caring person she is. I commend you Sheriff for having someone in your department with her credentials and deportment.