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How to Post Bail for an Inmate

Bail money can be sent by mail to the Lincoln County Jail or dropped off at the jail (251 West Olive Street, Newport, Oregon 97365).

We accept US money in the following forms:

  • Cash (for the exact amount)
  • Cashier's Checks
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How to Receive a Phone Call From an Inmate

The inmate phone system is for outgoing and incoming prepaid calls.  Please visit to receive additional information on how to set up a prepaid telephone account. 

You may also deposit money on the inmate's commissary account at or the jail's lobby kiosk. Inmates may use money from their commissary account to place telephone calls.

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How to Send Mail to an Inmate

To write an inmate in the Lincoln County Jail, please review the Mail Policy & Return Notice, which details what and how you can mail to an inmate and what cannot be sent.


Include your FULL first and last names and address in the return address section of the card. Address the card to:

(Inmate's Name)
c/o Lincoln County Jail
251 W Olive Street
Newport, Oregon 97365

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How to Send Money to an Inmate

Please be sure to include the inmate's name with the money. We accept cash, money orders or credit cards only. Deliver the money by mail (per jail address above) or dropped off at the jail kiosk (Entry of 251 West Olive Street). Please be sure to specify the inmate who is to receive these funds. If you are sending a money order, please make the money order payable to the inmate. You can send money to an inmate online or using a smartphone by going to

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How to Visit an Inmate in Jail
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