Purchase Information

...of Tax Foreclosed Property

Pursuant to ORS 275, tax foreclosed property must first be offered at a Sheriff's Auction. If not sold at that time, surplus property will be added to the available property list, and may be sold by private sale throughout the year.

Sheriff's Auction:

The Sheriff's Auction is normally held in October.

Both the Available Property List and the Sheriff's Auction List are located on this site. Lincoln County does not maintain a mailing list for the Sheriff's Auction.

The Property Management Department maintains files on all parcels available, public information from which can be viewed by appointment only.

No less than the minimum bid will be accepted for at least 1 year following the auction.

Need Maps?

If you need copies of maps, please use the Interactive Map Application.

In most cases, there are no addresses available. Property is generally only given an address at the time when a building permit is issued. (In other words, bare land rarely has an address, unless it previously had an improvement located on it.)

zoning information:

For property within a city, contact that city's Planning Department.  For property outside of cities, contact the County Planning Department for information regarding septic approvals or zoning:

Lincoln County Planning Department
Public Service Building
210 SW 2nd Street
Newport, OR
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m
tel: (541) 265-4192.

liens and encumbrances:

If you want to find out about liens or encumbrances, you'll need to contact a title company of your choice, at your own cost.

Make an Offer:

To make an offer, please send it to the address listed in the page footer. You will need to:

  1. Identify each parcel by Map & Tax Lot.
  2. State your offer; whether you want to pay cash or enter into a land sales contract with Lincoln County.
  3. Print your name, address & phone number.
  4. Make sure to sign and date your offer.

Once an offer is made, it can take between 2-4 weeks to receive an answer, depending on what information needs to be obtained.

The County will either accept your offer, reject your offer, or make a counter offer.

Before doing much research on a particular parcel, please contact Property Management to verify if it's still available for purchase.

Land Sales Contract:

Lincoln County will enter into a Land Sales Contract on purchases over $2,500.00. Purchases $2,500.00 and below are cash only.

The terms for a land sales contract are non-negotiable. They are:

  1. Minimum of a 20% down payment
  2. Payments are calculated at 12% interest; and amortized for 5 years.
  3. There is no pre-payment penalty.
  4. For the down payment, Lincoln County accepts cash or cashier's checks only.

When paying in full, or when a Land Sales Contract is paid in full, the county will issue a Quitclaim Deed.

The current recording fees are $68.00 for a land sales contract and $58.00 for a quitclaim deed.

Need More Information?

For further information, please contact:

Property Manager
tel: (541) 265-4967
Office hours by appointment