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Growth and development in Lincoln County are guided by the comprehensive plan, which is a statement of general goals and policies regarding land use and community development in the unincorporated county. The comprehensive plan is implemented by zoning, which applies specific standards for allowable land uses.

All land in Lincoln County is subject to zoning.

  • To see the zoning applied to different areas of the county, please refer to the general zoning maps.

  • For specifics on zoning requirements for a particular piece of property, please contact a planner at 265-4192.

If you plan to buy, build on, subdivide or otherwise develop property in Lincoln County, you should first inquire with the Planning Division to determine the zoning of your property, and the specific land uses that are allowed in that zone.

For a summary of the development process, see Developing Residential Property in Lincoln County (*pdf file).

See the Lincoln County Code: Chapter 1: Land Use

Questions? Call us at 541-265-4192
Code Questions: Ask to speak with a Planner.
General Questions: Ask to speak with a Permit Specialist.

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