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When submitting an application additional details and requirements are identified inside the application. Below is a general description of the onsite process. The environmental health specialists or sanitarians are available in the mornings between approximately 8:00am - 9:30am then they leave the office to begin fieldwork and inspections.

First Step: Site Evaluation

A site evaluation (*pdf file) is an assessment of the suitability of a given site for on-site sewage disposal based on soil, hydrology and topography. If a site is determined to meet applicable rules for on-site sewage disposal, a favorable report of evaluation will be issued which will identify the area of the property approved for system installation and will set forth the specifications for the type and size of system required. A site evaluation approval remains valid indefinitely.

Second Step: Permits

The permits are valid one year after issuance.

Construction – Prior to installing an on-site system, a construction-installation permit is required. The site evaluation report for the property will specify which type of system may be installed and will provide the general specifications for installation. Examples of system types that may be specified include standard, capping fill, low pressure distribution, sand filter and alternative treatment technology (ATT) systems.

Repair – A repair permit is required to perform work on an existing system that is failing or malfunctioning. Property owners are advised to consult with a department environmental health specialist and/or a licensed septic system installer for advice and guidance on system repairs.

Alteration – Relocation, expansion or other alteration of any component of an existing system requires an alteration permit. Property owners are advised to consult with a department environmental health specialist and/or a licensed septic system installer for advice and guidance on system alterations.

Authorization Notice

Connection of a new use to an existing system (such as replacement of a manufactured home) or increasing the volume of flow into an existing system (by, for example, adding bedrooms) requires a system evaluation and approval known as an Authorization Notice. If a system is found to be suitable for the proposed use, an Authorization Notice will be issued, which permits the connection of the proposed use to the existing system. Authorization Notices are valid for a period of one year. If the system is found to be unsuitable for the proposed use, department staff will advise the applicant as to the appropriate repair or alterations required for the system to be authorized.

Pumper Truck Inspection

Pumper trucks need to be inspected annually. Licensed installers/pumpers may apply for this inspection.

See the Lincoln County Code: Chapter 2.4: Subsurface Sewage Disposal

Questions? Call us at 541-265-4192
Code Questions: Ask to speak with an Environmental Health Specialist/ Sanitarian.
General Questions: Ask to speak with a Permit Specialist.


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