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Live Skycams:
     Spanish Head (KATU Skycam at Spanish Head in Lincoln City)
     Yaquina Jetty (ODOT Skycam at Yaquina Jetty in Newport)
     Yaquina Head (OSU Skycam at Yaquina Head in Newport)
     Yaquina Bay (KGW Skycam at Embarcadero in Newport)
Live Road Cams:
     Highway 101 North at Logan Road (ODOT Roadcam in Lincon City)
     Highway 101 South at Logan Road (ODOT Roadcam in Lincoln City)
     Highway 101 on Yaquina Bay Bridge (ODOT Roadcam in Newport)


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Pictures from the County Webmaster

sunsets.jpg (39684 bytes) A few pictures
from around
Lincoln County
loyaltydays.jpg (14690 bytes) 2007 Loyalty Days
loyaltydays.jpg (14690 bytes) 2006 Loyalty Days
loyaltydays.jpg (14690 bytes) 2005 Loyalty Days
loyaltydays.jpg (14690 bytes) 2004 Loyalty Days
2004 Family Fun Day
2003 Fair & Rodeo
2003 Law Enforcement
Recognition Banquet
loyaltydays.jpg (14690 bytes) 2003 Loyalty Days
2003 Family Fun Day
2002 Toledo Summer Festival
2002 Fair & Rodeo
2002 Waldport Fireworks
2002 Beachcomber Days
2002 Law Enforcement
Recognition Banquet
loyaltydays.jpg (14690 bytes) 2002 Loyalty Days
2002 Family Fun Day
2001 Fair & Rodeo
2001 Waldport Fireworks
loyaltydays.jpg (14690 bytes) 2001 Loyalty Days
2001 Family Fun Day
2000 Fair & Rodeo
2000 Waldport Fireworks
loyaltydays.jpg (14690 bytes) 2000 Loyalty Days
cacfamilyfunday.jpg (82996 bytes) 2000 Family Fun Day
burn.jpg (194015 bytes) Burnin' Down the House
libraryopening.jpg (66104 bytes) Newport Library Opening
extravaganza.jpg (50449 bytes) 1999 Extravaganza
fair.jpg (54255 bytes) 1999 Fair & Rodeo
loyaltydays.jpg (14690 bytes) 1999 Loyalty Days


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