School Based Health Center Model and Goals

The SBHC Model

School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) provide a unique health care model for comprehensive physical, mental and preventive health services to students in a youth friendly environment. With easy access to health care in a school setting, SBHCs reduce barriers that often keep children and youth from seeking the health services they need, such as cost, inconvenience, transportation, confidentiality concerns, and comfort level discussing personal health problems. 
Lincoln County SBHCs have been operating since 1986 through a partnership between Lincoln County School District and Lincoln County Health and Human Services.

Goals of SBHCs

  • Improve access to quality primary care and mental health services for school-aged youth
  • Provide patient-centered services for all students, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay
  • Improve students' educational performance because healthy kids learn better
  • Save parents time by reducing missed work hours
  • Reduce costs related to unnecessary hospital stays and use of emergency rooms


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