Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

The mission of Lincoln Community Health Center is to improve the quality of life and health of individuals living in Lincoln County, Oregon, providing access to high quality primary care, mental health, addiction, and dental services, regardless of ability to pay.

Our Vision

To provide the best clinical practice to be delivered in a consistent and integrated way.

To provide the lowest appropriate cost to the population we serve.

To provide a service experience, supported by personnel, systems and processes that focus on patient needs and quality outcomes.

To provide genuine caring and concern with our interactions with patients, their families, and one another.

Our Core Values

Mutual Respect We provide care for the community with respect and dignity for our patients, their families, and our colleagues.
Accountability We accept responsibility for our actions, attitudes and mistakes.
Trust We provide care in a manner that promotes and enhances a culture of trust.
Excellence We strive to do our best at all times and are open to ways for improvement.
Consumer Centered We listen to and partner with our consumers, their families, caregivers, and other support persons in order to determine the best way to achieve our mission.
Culturally Competent In providing and managing services to individuals, we provide culturally competent care to members of our community with regard to race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, income level, disability, ethnicity, and personal beliefs.

Our Commitments

We will carry out our Mission with excellence, integrity, and trust.

Our employees are our most important resource.  We will seek to hire exceptional individuals at all levels of the organization and provide fair compensation and opportunities for personal and professional growth.  We will recognize employees who achieve excellence in their work.

The caring nature of our mission will be reflected in all that we do.

Our services will be high quality, cost-effective and accessible, achieving a balance between community needs and available resources.

It is our intent to be a model health care provider. We will use evidence-based and data-driven practice to meet national standards in health care delivery.

We will maintain the financial accountability and community visibility needed in order to fulfill our mission.


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