Lincoln County Addiction Recovery Program

Contact for Referral:
(541) 265-4179

We believe that:

  • Chemical dependency does not detract from personal worth.
  • Chemical dependency is treatable.
  • Treatment involves the development of new behaviors.
  • Life can be lived without using addictive substances or relying upon addictive behaviors and thought patterns.
  • Successful treatment addresses the whole person.
  • Recovery is a family process.
  • Many people and families have changed their lives and recovered.
  • Treatment must be affordable and accessible to all.

Program Description

The Addiction Recovery Program at Lincoln County Behavioral Health includes:

  • Outpatient Services
  • Intensive Outpatient Services (9 hours or more/week) Group Counseling
  • Early Recovery
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Family Education Group
  • Women in Recovery
  • Stress Reduction
  • Dual Diagnosis Groups (Substance use and Mental Health)
  • Individual and Family Counseling (for group participants)
  • Case Management
  • DUII Treatment
  • Adult and Adolescent Treatment
  • Assessment for Lincoln County Drug Court 

Intake and Enrollment

To initiate services:

  1. Clients call (541) 265-4179 and request alcohol and drug counseling
  2. Support staff will ask for contact information and transfer the call to a screener, who briefly interviews the client over the phone, then schedules the client for an initial appointment
  3. At this appointment, the client meets with a counselor from the Addiction Recovery Program to discuss current concerns and counseling needs
  4. With a decision to enroll in services, the counselor helps the client complete the program application and related paperwork. A baseline urinalysis is requested at this time, with random UA's requested throughout the program