Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Services are provided to eligible persons of any age (birth thru old age).


  • Children under the age of 5: includes a standardized test demonstrating significant adaptive impairment in 2 areas of life functioning or a statement by a medical practitioner identifying a condition or syndrome that is likely to case significant impairment may be substituted.
  • Eligibility from age 6-18 can be made as either a person with mental retardation which is established by documentation of a pattern of IQ scores consistently under full scale 65 or if 65-75 with significant adaptive impairment, or as a person with a developmental disability by official documentation of a medical or clinical diagnosed developmental disability and significant adaptive impairments.
  • Eligibility for adults age 18+ is based on a pattern of IQ scores under 65 or IQ scores above 65 with significant adaptive impairments or a documented developmental disability diagnosis and significant adaptive impairments.
  • Eligibility for children age 0-18 is always provisional with reassessment at age 6 and before age 18.

Services Offered:

  • Service Coordination: Identifying needs, locating and assisting with accessing resources, and advocacy.
  • Referral: Central referral point for adults seeking residential, vocational, supported services provided by our contract providers, out of home for children unable to be supported in their family home.
  • Family Support: Funding (as available) to meet identified needs of children with disabilities.
  • Crisis response and protective services: Responds to crisis situations involving eligible clients, conducts investigations of alleged abuse, arranges for safe temporary placement when individual needs a safe place to stay due to abuse or being in crisis.

Contact Information


Phone: 541-265-6611 ext. 3286
Fax: 541-265-0603