Gambling on Santa’s Surprises?

Every year thousands of children receive lottery tickets and scratch-offs in holiday stockings and as gifts from relatives. Lincoln County Public Health wants to spread the word that lottery and other gambling products are NOT for children under age 18.

“Research tells us that the sooner a child begins to gamble, the more likely he or she is to develop problem gambling issues in later life. Plus, we know that an estimated 50 percent of people with gambling problems have had a big win early in their lives. Bottom line is – lottery tickets shouldn’t be given to kids,” says Jennifer Versteeg, Health Education Specialist with Lincoln County Health and Human Services.

If gambling is affecting you or your family, contact the Oregon Problem Gambling Helpline at or call 1-877-MY-LIMIT (1-877-698-4648). You may also send a text to 503-713-6000 or live chat with a representative at The Oregon Problem Gambling Helpline is a confidential access point for those seeking assistance.

To learn more about problem gambling contact: Lincoln County Health Promotion, 541-265-0465.

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