Disease Reporting

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Oregon Public Health Division Disease Reporting for Clinicians

Disease Reporting

What are reportable diseases?

  • All Oregon health departments are required to report diagnosis of certain diseases. These diseases are called 'reportable'.
  • There are currently over 50 reportable diseases in Oregon.
  • The Oregon Public Health Division Reporting for Clinicians poster specifies which diseases need to be reported.
  • When a report is made, all personal patient information is kept confidential.

To Report on a Reportable Disease:

  • Use the Confidential Oregon Morbidity Report Form  and follow the submission instructions on the form OR
  • Call or fax the following information to  Lincoln County Public Health (contact information above):
    • Sick person's name
    • Sick person's address and phone number
    • Sick person's date of birth
    • Diagnosis (what disease do they have?)
    • What day the symptoms began

For information on disease and infection from other sources like animal bites, food borne illness, and water borne illness, see our Environmental Health page.