2018 Community Health Assessment open for public comment

The Lincoln County Public Health Department is updating the County’s Community Health Assessment (or CHA) and invites the community to participate in the process.

The Public Health Department updates the CHA every five years.  The last Lincoln County CHA was released in 2013 and can be found on the county website. It provides and explains a wide range of information about health factors and indicators that influence health in Lincoln County. The CHA informs the Public Health Department’s work and provides local and regional partners with up-to-date health-related data.

The project team invites the community to review and provide feedback on the draft and to share their health-related stories by emailing nfields@co.lincoln.or.us by September 16, 2018.  Any feedback provided before September 16th will be reviewed by the project team prior to completion of the CHA.  The team may not be able to incorporate all stories and feedback but welcomes all input from the community.

A draft of the 2018 Lincoln County CHA is available below.  Once completed, the CHA will inform development of an updated Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) that will set priority areas for community health improvement work for Lincoln County for the next five years. The final version of the Lincoln County CHA will be available by late Autumn 2018. Work on the CHIP will begin in late 2018.