LINCOLN ALERTS - Emergency Notifications and Community Information

Lincoln Alerts - Emergency Notifications and Community Information

Community members, visitors and businesses can choose up to 3 ways to receive emergency notifications and community information from Public Safety, City, Tribal and County Officials for Lincoln County, Oregon. Community members should also be knowledgeable of our local radio, print, television and on-line media sources who will provide additional information from local public safety officials as it becomes available. 

Espanol Lincoln Alerts Announcement: Click here to view a Spanish version of the Lincoln Alerts announcement.

For questions or more information contact Lincoln County Sheriff's Office - Emergency Management at (541) 265-4199 or


1 - Residential and business landline numbers are automatically included in the emergency contact list and do not require any action.

2 - Sign-up each person in your household to receive alerts to your mobile phone, mobile text, e-mail, fax and mobile app. Sign-up User Guide - click here for a picture guide of the sign up screens.

  • Helpful Tips:
    • Addresses: The more address information you provide, the better our ability to notify you of emergencies that might affect you, your family or your business.
    • Businesses: Sign-up to receive alerts related to the physical addresses associated with their business locations.
    • SMS TXT # (Text Messages): Did you enter your mobile phone number in the “SMS TXT #” option? This is the feature to send a specific text message to your mobile phone in addition to actual voice calls.
    • Did you add an email?: This is how we can send you specific information related to an on-going event, i.e., shelter locations, damage assessment guidelines, evacuation route maps, photos of persons of interest or missing persons, etc.
    • River Groups: Lincoln Alerts is an “all hazards” event notification system. However, we have set up specific notifications for the four major rivers in Lincoln County, Siletz, Yaquina, Alsea, and Yachats. We may have individuals who do not have an address along the river but commute along the roads near the rivers. This is also a way to reach those who boat, fish or recreate on the rivers when we have flood warnings/watches.
    • Community Members with Access and Functional Needs: Can assist local planners and responders with resources that may be needed for neighborhood evacuations, shelter away from home or sheltering at home. Here is the list of special needs you can identify: hearing impaired, visually impaired, speech impaired, dialysis, wheelchair/mobility challenges, oxygen tank dependent, refrigerator medication needs


3 - Anyone can sign up to receive community information via text from City, Tribal and County Officials by texting any or all of the keywords below and/or your zip code to '888777'.

  • Welcome Message: You will receive a single opt in welcome message. Reply YES to continue to receive SMS text messages.
  • Opt Out: You may opt out at any point by texting '888777', enter "STOP [keyword]" .
  • Help: For help with your keyword subscriptions text HELP to 888777 for information.
  • Manage Keyword Text Subscriptions: To manage your Lincoln County or other area keyword subscriptions go to
  • Community information may include street closures, water outages, and community event notices.
  • Notifications will also be sent when there is a critical situation affecting that area.
  • Message and data rates may apply based on your individual mobile phone plan, message frequencies vary.

Text Your Zip Code and/or any of the Keywords to 888777

City, Tribal KEYWORDS


Lincoln County KEYWORDS

  • LINC4ALERTS       Information that may affect several or all areas of Lincoln County
  • LINC4COUNTY     Specific to County operations or scheduled County events
  • LINC4ESPANOL    Specific notification message for Spanish speaking community members
  • LINC4RIVERS        Specific to Lincoln County Rivers Alsea, Siletz, Yachats, Yaquina
  • LINC4ROADS        Specific to County Public Works - Roadways 
  • LINC4TRANSIT      Specific to County Transit Services
Look for Everbridge on the App Store or Google Play to download and install the mobile app for Lincoln Alerts


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