3.6 Mile - N. Beaver Creek - Possible Road Closure

Possible Road Closure at 3.6 mi. N. Beaver Creek Road. (Posted: 11:00am, 4-21-17) 

The general public and residents (who travel and live) east of the 3.6 mile marker on N. Beaver Creek Road should be aware of a possible road closure at anytime.

The county road department is investigating an active slide in the area. 

In the event of a road closure commuters can detour on 1,000 Line Road. 

Emergency Management Information Line: 541-265-0616 (answered during regular business hours but will provide an automated message of the most current information).

To receive up to date information for this event we encourage you to sign-up for Lincoln Alerts; this will allow you to receive text messages from "LINC4ROADS" or a phone call/text to your personal devices.