Identity Theft

What You Can Do. . .
  • Do not carry your Social Security number with you, either in your purse, wallet or in your car.


  • If you have a private mailbox have any checks you order sent to your bank and arrange to pick them up there.


  • When you order checks have your name printed differently from the way you sign it. (Use initials if you sign your full name.)


  • When writing checks to pay credit card bills identify the account number using only the last four numbers.


  • Either do not print your phone number on your checks at all or use your work number.


  • Never print your Social Security number on your checks.


  • Photocopy the contents of your wallet. Store in a safe place at home. If you are a victim use this list to call bank and credit accounts to cancel, etc.


  • Keep a copy of the Financial Fraud list provided so that you have the numbers to call to report the theft and/or cancel accounts or cards.


  • Make sure you call the national credit reporting agencies immediately to place a fraud alert on your name.


  • Shred all mail when getting rid of it.


  • Tear your name and address off of magazines before donating them to places like The Children's Advocacy Center or the Victims' Department of the District Attorney's office.
  • Do not give your personal information to anyone who calls or emails you.